Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do you know what an antonym is?

Do you? Do you know what an antonym is? this is the question posed to me the other day by my four year old son! "Mommy, do you know what an antonym is?" I looked at Daniel, and asked, "Do you?" His reply, "Hot and cold are antonyms! Up and down! Do you know any antonyms, Mommy?" Wow! Really? A four year old knows this? I was impressed!

This is the same child, that pleaded with great excitement the last few mornings to turn on the "swipeys". The swipeys are the window wipers, and he likes them to go fast! It is very amusing to him to watch the swipeys go back and forth, super fast! This morning, he asked if we could go straight, rather than turning right at 739, so we continued on 218 up to Blanding. He likes to go over the "new bridge", which is where they are lifting the bridge that crosses over Black Creek by one foot! There is currently a metal grate bridge, and Daniel enjoys the noise going over it, and he gets to see all the construction equipment in action! This morning, was especially exciting for him, because we hit lots of big puddles, throwing water from the side of the truck! Yes, just like all the other trucks out here near Middleburg, our truck was just right for puddle stomping!

Last week, I had the great misfortune of losing my job. I've been scrambling to contact job placement agencies, and post my resume out there on, and other places. Yesterday, I finally upgraded my home pc's ram, so it actually moves now, rather than sits for what seems like an hour trying to open applications! It seems like a luxurious expense to spend on my pc, in a time when our money must be held very tight, but without the upgrade, surfing the net for open job positions would be near impossible on this old thing! I upgraded from 256MB of ram, to 2 GB of ram, and the difference is incredible! If I'd know the fix would be so easy and inexpensive, I'd have done it over a year ago!

This morning, I've checked in with the two agencies I'm working with, applied to a few things I've found on "Monster", and now as I play the waiting game, I'll attack the laundry monster that seems to have taken over our home!


Jenny said...

Wow he knows what an antonym is, I am not quite sure I do :)

So how was the creek when you went thru Middleburg?

I was hoping that interview you had the other day would pan out??

I saw the sun for like 5 seconds today --- Yeah..

Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne!

I know antonyms! Posting and not posting; hiring or not hiring; laughing and crying; joyfilled and down-trodden.....Really, that is something for Daniel to know about this already, using the correct word for it and all that.

Joanne called yesterday to say it was raining again. Yikes! Hopefully you got control of the laundry mountain and will some tile to regroup...

I loved the stories about Daniel and the swipers, the puddles, and the noise the bridge makes---life's simple pleasures! And memory treasures!



kathy b said...

still praying for you . . . keep me posted on your leads and I'll let you know if I hear anything on my end . . . love you!!