Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing since Easter, really???

I can't believe I haven't posted anything since the Saturday before Easter! I can't sit here now, and 11:40 at night and type too long, I really do have to get up and work tomorrow!

I have been so busy, it's insane! Work wise, that is! By the end of the day, I'm so tired, I don't do much of anything "after work". I have a pile of Hannah Montana birthday invitations that I have to fill out and get sent out to our intended guests in the next few days, so that everyone can plan accordingly for THE party of the year! Yes, we're planning Hanna's birthday party! May 2nd 2pm, mark your calendars!

This is going to seem an odd post, especially since I've yet to say anything about Easter. I just wanted to take a few minutes and post SOMETHING, so I'm including a picture of my frog. He's not MY frog, really, but I call him that, since he's been in my little pond since sometime in September. I think he showed up around September, maybe earlier. I think I took him away from Jack, the my special "boy". Jack was the yellow lab I had, and sadly had to have him euthanized last October. (Shh, the kids think he went to live with of friend of Hughey's) He kinda did, Hugh took him to his property and buried him next to his pony that he had for since Santa brought him when he was 6 years old. "Black" as he was called, died just about a year or so ago. Hugh is 46 years old.. can you imagine?? Back to "Frog"... Jack came around the side of the house like he always did, one day with a frog hanging out of his mouth by the leg, same ol, same ol, and I took it, and put it in the pond! This frog stuck around, and we saw him often. When it got cold over the winter, I did not clean out the pond, but let it go "yucky" green, so I wouldn't disturb him. I didn't want to dump the pond, and the frog get too cold, and go off somewhere and die! The weekend before Easter, you may recall I did lots of sprucing up in the yard, including cleaning out the pond. John wants me to drop a chlorine tablet into the water to keep it clear, but I'm afraid if I do that, the frog will die for sure! Can't have that! This morning, as I went into Daniel's bedroom to open the blinds, and check on my hummingbird feeder, I peeped out, and saw him! Mr.Frog was sunning himself! Here he is for you to enjoy, hopefully as much as I enjoy him!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a busy day, yet I had plenty of time to sit and socialize!

Wow! Today was a busy day! The kids and I left the house at 8:20 this morning, and headed to the church, for one last rehearsal with Kathy B. She and I wanted to have one more session together under our belt before playing our "Behold the Lamb" piece for the procession of the Paschal candle tomorrow morning at church. It's such a beautiful piece, I hope I play it justice! It has potential for a few "squawkers" if you know what I mean, but when we've played it well, it is so beautiful! It's one of those intense pieces that makes you want to cry while playing with it, because it is such an emotional piece of music. It's a little sad that the congregation won't know the words to this piece while we're playing it.. "Behold the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world! For sinners crucified, O Holy sacrifice; behold the Lamb of God. Crown Him, Crown Him,Worthy is the Lamb! Praises! Praises! Heavn' and earth resound!" So beautiful, so much so, I know there is no way I would ever be able to sing these words, as I would be all choked up and couldn't hardly speak through the tears! Beautiful!

Kathy and I finished up our practice around 10am, just in time for my kids to join the Little Lambs "play group" of infants through 4 years old. They heard the story of Easter, and enjoyed Easter "grave" cookies and made crosses out of pretzels and peanut butter, then enjoyed time on the playground together. I wasn't going to stick around, but decided in the end to stay and support the group, and allow my children to hear the story of Easter yet one more time! I'm so glad we stayed!

On our way home, we stopped for chinese food, then finished up working in the yard. As I was loading yet more mulch, my neighbor came over with my garden fork and asked if I'd been looking for it yesterday. (I spent most of the day yesterday pulling weeds from the side flower beds and mailbox bed, and putting down mulch.) As a matter of fact, I told him, I'd looked in every corner of my garage and yard and finally gave up, figuring John had put it somewhere. Somewhere indeed! Karl said John let him borrow it last week when he was unloading his new load of mulch! Around 3pm I finished up in the yard, however I still have some mulch in the back of the truck, that I seriously have to do something with in the next day or two. It's just that it was so hot by the time I was done this afternoon, and I was very tired! BooHoo! I came inside and gave Annie a bath, and while doing that, my friend and neighbor Jenny came knocking on the garage door! See, a true friend enters through the garage door, and is always welcome in my home! (To my knowledge, she only chuckles at the mess.) Oddly enough, I thought I had cleaned my house yesterday, until I had my friend inside my house, and suddenly I realized yet again, it was a mess! Sorry Jenny! She said she'd knocked on the front door, but nobody heard, and she knew I'd hear at the garage door! I happened to be right there by the door. She came in, and we chatted while I continued bathing the dog. When I was done, we ended ended up going outside and sitting on the driveway. After a while, her husband Brad came down and joined us, and eventually we put up the dining canopy we use for camping, to keep the sun off of us while we socialized. John came home, and realized there was no way his work truck was going to fit on the driveway with the canopy there, so he put the truck on the side. At some point, between beer refills, soda refills, etc, Jenny brought down a Mike's Lemonade for both of us, and that was about the end of any decision for dinner... so I said, Pizza?? John and I, and the kids, enjoyed "dinner" with Jenny, Brad and Caleb on the driveway, under the canopy, eating delivery pizza, and yet it was the most enjoyable meal one could ask for. Friends and family, enjoying a meal together during this Easter season. The dogs were out on the driveway with us, the kids running around, having a good time, and us enjoying each others' company. Nothing fancy, just good times! The best times! (Jenny, why did neither of us take a picture??)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back home a day early...

What a long drive it is all the way up to Augusta, Georgia! I have to say, the kids were exceptionally good! I am so thankful for the invention of portable dvd players! We have a dual monitor player for the truck, and it detaches and plugs into a regular power plug as well. I purchased three new dvd's just for this trip, 2 Scooby Doos and the newest Bolt. Those kept the kids pretty well entertained. One of the Scooby Doo movies was a double feature.. Yay! I'm beginning to wonder if other people have found Google directions to be "off" lately as well. It was beginning to be not unusual to hear Daniel as the question.. "Did you miss the turn?" We were within an hour of our destination when our directions were getting sketchy at best. We finally stopped at a truck stop and bought a Georgia map! The most questionable direction was turning onto GA-1 S, when we were in fact going North! The turn was correct, but the direction was not, so we decided we needed a map to confirm which way to go! We were in such "backcountry" we had no idea what was what! John and I both commented, the area was absolutely beautiful in full bloom, and must be equally as beautiful during the fall when the leaves turn color. We weren't in the mountains, but there were actually hills and valleys; not anything like we have here in Florida!

We left home around 11:00am Saturday morning, and arrived at our campsite around 5:30 pm. It took us quite a while to set up camp, and while John and I did that, the kids enjoyed looking at the lake that was right at the bottom of our site. Don't worry, it was a shallow cove, and it didn't appear to have any drop offs. Saturday evening was absolutely beautiful! John and I enjoyed sitting by the fire that night, enjoying the moonlight and the lake. Sunday morning, we awoke with a surprising "HONK". Not a car, but Canadian geese! There were several geese that inhabit this lake, and they come into the coves early in the mornings. I can now testify, nothing breaks through early morning silence like the sounds of half a dozen geese honking like roosters on the lake just outside a pop up. It certainly upset the dogs! The kids sat up with half a fright.. "what was that!?" After that, Hanna enjoyed pointing out the "swans" as she called them everywhere we went, and every time we heard them! Sunday morning we went down to the lake and tried our hand at fishing, but no luck! We found out after and early dinner that evening was the time to catch the fish on this lake. Just ask Daniel, he'll tell you all about it! Hanna on the other hand was very unhappy that she did not catch anything. The dogs enjoyed swimming in the lake, especially Callie. At one point, she was laying down in the water, watching the kids fish. Hmm, could this have anything to do with Hanna's lack of success fishing? Probably, but don't tell her! In the early morning, Hanna and I went and rented a canoe and started paddling across the lake. We had the canoe for 24 hours, so we paddled up to our campsite, and later Daniel decded maybe he wanted to go out in a canoe after all! John and I walked it back Monday morning. (State parks own light aluminum canoes, easily transported over head.)

Sunday evening was every bit as beautiful as the night before. The kids made a new friend after fishing, of course, and he came over and enjoyed roasting marshmallows with us. He was camping with his parents and one of his brothers just across the lake from us. Isaac was the youngest of five children, and was happy to find kids his own age to play with! We were happy to have a playmate for our children to be a neutral party. He was the cutest little kids! Not that it matters, but I think he was adopted. He seemed to be of an Arab descent, and neither of his parents did. I was watching him with my kids, and thinking how incredibly cute he was, when I almost laughed out loud. His appearance very much resembled the face of the "young" Grinch in the non-animated version, but of course he was brown, not green. I certainly do not intend to insult the little guy, I simply noticed how darn cute he was!

Around 2am, Monday morning it started raining, then a little thunder and lightning, and finally around 4am the wind started blowing through. Monday became a very windy day. So windy, in fact, we ended up taking down our dining fly, as the wind pulled up the stakes at one point. During the day Monday, Daniel was complaining of stomach cramps, and was plagued by lower intestinal "bug" symptoms. Being the little guy that he is, he misunderstood a few "signs" of troubles ahead, and we ran out of clean underwear for him! Thankfully, as is almost always the case, there was a Wal-Mart close by, and I was able to buy him a few more pair! We went for a hike, not realizing the severity of Daniel's symptoms, and I was forced to introduce Daniel to the "other side" of a log! He had cramps badly, and stated "I need to go potty!" So, having no other choice, I showed him how he could sit on a log and take care of "nature" as it were! It took him a while to be comfortable with the situation, but finally he managed! He thought it was pretty funny later on. That evening, John and I decided it was too windy to sit outside with a fire, and it was pretty chilly as well. We ended up laying on the bed with the kids and we all watched one of the Scooby Doo movies, and then Bolt. I think the kids enjoyed us laying there with them.

Tuesday morning, after laying in bed all night listening to the wind, Daniel broke the silence with a panicked.. "Mommy, I threw up!" Okay, that will get a mom out of bed pretty quick! Thankfully, since his tummy was a little off the day before, his stomach was empty, except for water. Not much mess to clean up. Plus, he sleeps with a fleece blanket. It was easily rolled up and put into a plastic bag! Daniel's color was very bad, and the weather didn't seem like it was going to improve much. John and I quickly came to the agreement that we didn't want to be couped up with a sick little kid inside the camper all day, only to run the risk of one of us becoming ill as well, and having to drive home the six hours today. We opted to pack up then, and hit the road.

It was very difficult packing around a sick little kid laying on the camper bed. Usually, I send them outside to play, while I pack up inside, and John packs up outside the camper. This time, since it was cold and he was so sick, he laid on the bed watching a movie (yep, Bolt again!) and eventually fell asleep. When I was finally ready to close everything up, I moved him and is sleeping bag and bucket to the truck. To no surprise, as soon as I moved him, he threw up again! During all the packing up, since it was cold, Hanna sat inside the truck listening to my Celtic Woman cd. Eventually, she too fell asleep! One last thing! If you recall, the vet recommended Bonine for Annie, and also prescribed sedatives for the trip! I'm happy to say, the combination worked very well for her, and she slept like baby for the road trip!

Friday, April 3, 2009

So much to do, so little time...

So, for starters, I have to tell you, the Dell man said this model of laptop has a tendency to "fry" the graphics card, aka NVIDIA card, and it was obvious to him that it had definitely gotten overheated. He replaced my motherboard! If he had come at a more opportune time, I might have tried picking his brain about my Dell pc as well, but the house was in pure chaos mode at the time! He replaced it, and it seems to be running smoothly!

Comcast said the issues with the phones were a "bad node" once again in the neighborhood. Apparently several people in this area called and complained, and all said the same complaints and that this had been going on for months. Guess we all got mad at the same time! I think that has been fixed. I didn't use the phone much today, as I was busy trying to get as much done with my client files as I could before turning them over to a trusty co-worker. I do not generally like turning over an import in the middle of the process, since we all work slightly different. I have to trust she will do a good job. She is, afterall, the one person I go to when things to "south" and I need advice on the job!

I have LOTS of packing to do yet! I have my boxes for "dry" good sitting on the dining room table, partially packed. Tomorrow morning, I'll pack up all the food into the coolers and fridge in the camper. Oh yeah, don't forget the worms too! *wink* Have to pack clothes, fishing rods, electric blanket! The weather forecast for Augusta shows temperatures dropping down to 31 degrees Monday and Tuesday mornings, with the high on Tuesday only reaching 55 degrees. Yikes! Electric blanket AND space heater! John asked me last night, why exactly we insisted on the a/c unit on the camper, when in the six months we've had it, we've only used it one time! I'm sure by June and July we'll remember quite vividly why!

I took Annie to the vet yesterday for her boosters (vaccinations) and discussed our success, or not so much, with Bonine, the motion sickness medication. She gave me a prescription for sedatives (for the dog!) to assist with the six hour drive up to Appling, Ga. Oh, shoot! I just realized John and I discussed the possibility of purchasing a sweater for Annie, just in case, the little dog that she is, she doesn't adjust well to the cold temperatures! Maybe I'll go out quick in the morning for that.. if I could even find them this time of year in Florida!

I bought two new Scooby Doo movies and the newest "Bolt" movie for the kids, hoping this will help with our ride tomorrow. I also have bubbles, a paddle game with velcro paddles and a tennis ball, horse shoes, bean bags, and a travel game of Chutes and Ladders. We're also taking fishing rods and kites! Hanna wants to also bring along her bike, and take off the training wheels. John says, "we'll see how well we do with packing!" I guess it's a good thing I agreed to rent canoes, rather than hauling ours along! I could just see John's face if I insisted on taking it! Oooh, not good!

Okay, enough chit chat, I've got stuff to pack! I hope everyone has a great week, and I'll report back on Thursday morning!