Friday, April 3, 2009

So much to do, so little time...

So, for starters, I have to tell you, the Dell man said this model of laptop has a tendency to "fry" the graphics card, aka NVIDIA card, and it was obvious to him that it had definitely gotten overheated. He replaced my motherboard! If he had come at a more opportune time, I might have tried picking his brain about my Dell pc as well, but the house was in pure chaos mode at the time! He replaced it, and it seems to be running smoothly!

Comcast said the issues with the phones were a "bad node" once again in the neighborhood. Apparently several people in this area called and complained, and all said the same complaints and that this had been going on for months. Guess we all got mad at the same time! I think that has been fixed. I didn't use the phone much today, as I was busy trying to get as much done with my client files as I could before turning them over to a trusty co-worker. I do not generally like turning over an import in the middle of the process, since we all work slightly different. I have to trust she will do a good job. She is, afterall, the one person I go to when things to "south" and I need advice on the job!

I have LOTS of packing to do yet! I have my boxes for "dry" good sitting on the dining room table, partially packed. Tomorrow morning, I'll pack up all the food into the coolers and fridge in the camper. Oh yeah, don't forget the worms too! *wink* Have to pack clothes, fishing rods, electric blanket! The weather forecast for Augusta shows temperatures dropping down to 31 degrees Monday and Tuesday mornings, with the high on Tuesday only reaching 55 degrees. Yikes! Electric blanket AND space heater! John asked me last night, why exactly we insisted on the a/c unit on the camper, when in the six months we've had it, we've only used it one time! I'm sure by June and July we'll remember quite vividly why!

I took Annie to the vet yesterday for her boosters (vaccinations) and discussed our success, or not so much, with Bonine, the motion sickness medication. She gave me a prescription for sedatives (for the dog!) to assist with the six hour drive up to Appling, Ga. Oh, shoot! I just realized John and I discussed the possibility of purchasing a sweater for Annie, just in case, the little dog that she is, she doesn't adjust well to the cold temperatures! Maybe I'll go out quick in the morning for that.. if I could even find them this time of year in Florida!

I bought two new Scooby Doo movies and the newest "Bolt" movie for the kids, hoping this will help with our ride tomorrow. I also have bubbles, a paddle game with velcro paddles and a tennis ball, horse shoes, bean bags, and a travel game of Chutes and Ladders. We're also taking fishing rods and kites! Hanna wants to also bring along her bike, and take off the training wheels. John says, "we'll see how well we do with packing!" I guess it's a good thing I agreed to rent canoes, rather than hauling ours along! I could just see John's face if I insisted on taking it! Oooh, not good!

Okay, enough chit chat, I've got stuff to pack! I hope everyone has a great week, and I'll report back on Thursday morning!

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Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne,

You will certainly be on my mind and in my heart while you are gone. I hope your kids will always remember these fine family times and memory making you do when camping. Doing these type of things, no matter how hot or cold, are lasting gifts to yourselves and the kids. But, you know that!

Glad the Dell man was able to replace your mother board....doesn't that sound funny to you? To those who don't know about such things, it sure does sound odd. And your nodes, too!

Hugs and camping blessings,