Monday, June 15, 2009

Starting to feel a little better...

Yesterday I went back for session 2 in the Life, Health and Annuities class. Ugh! Not the most exciting of subjects, that is certain! Sunday's session went over Law and Contracts, the various types of Term Life and wow, the many versions of whole life and universal life, and then went into annuities. I was so lost in annuities. So many people in the class seemed to have lots to say about this subject. I just don't get annuities. But then, I also keep my investments in conservative funds. In fact my last 401K sat in a money market, because no way was I going to gamble with that! It's hard to grasp a concept of something that you just don't "buy into". Didn't really intend the pun there, but it works! I found it hilarious that the Annuities chapter in the book is Chapter 11. The one topic that "scares the old people" according to the instructor resides in Chapter 11. I made a joke about it, but I don't think he got the "oxymoron" reference I made. Chapter 11 bankruptcy versus annuities. Maybe it will always remain my own little joke!

By the end of the day my brain was completely fried, and my morale feeling less than great. In fact, I compared my feelings to being on the "raw edge of the fight or flight mechanism". I was so overwhelmed yesterday by the end of the day I just wanted to throw my hands up in the air and say "I quit!". Sitting on the sofa, John asked if I had a headache. My response was "No, just feeling rather overwhelmed!" I told John today, if I'd ever been exposed to the subject of insurance and annuities before, it wouldn't have felt so hopeless. Instead this is a ton of subject matter in a short period of time, that is completely foreign! Today I spent a lot of time with the book in hand, and reviewed the first few chapters. I also went to the instructor's website and looked at his questions. His website has 800 questions (400 life & annuities, and 400 health questions) that are similar to what is supposed to be on the state's test. It's a good website, and every answer tells you if you answered it wrong, why it is wrong. If you pick the correct answer, it tells in more detail why it's right. The idea is to continue on his website as well as the book until you know with great confidence all questions and the correct answers without hesitation! There's only 150 questions on the state's exams, so you've got a pretty good chance! I did the tests in 4 chapters plus answered some on his website and found out today I know more than I thought I did! This is boosting my confidence and making it easier to approach the subject with more of an open mind, rather than feeling like a kid that's been shut in their room with their school book and forbidden to leave until their homework is done. (It's what I am at the moment, but it doesn't feel quite so hopeless now!) Maybe I should try putting the book under my pillow at night and see how much I can absorb by osmosis. Haha!

This morning, before getting started into the world of insurance, the kids and I rode with our friends Amy, Caroline and AnnaBeth to their church, Hibernia Baptist Church. Caroline invited Hanna to attend the Kindergarten/1st grade VBS this week, and Daniel and I went along to make sure the correct consent forms were signed. The girls saw a few other kids from the neighborhood and their school (including the slow kid, wink wink) and were feeling pretty good about settling in. Amy brought Daniel and I home, and then we loaded up to Wal-Mart to do our grocery shopping I wasn't able to achieve this weekend since I wasn't home. We got the pool vacuumed, filled up a bit, and shocked, ready for the afternoon's entertainment. Hanna was home around 12:30, and after a small PB&J lunch, the kids went out to play in the pool for the afternoon. It made it easy for me to sit out there with my book, and oversee their activities over the edge of my new appendage!

Since John worked overtime this weekend, the yard went unattended, so tomorrow morning before we start anything else, ie STUDYING, Daniel and I will take care of mowing the yard.Lots more studying to do, and hopefully reading the chapters that will be covered next weekend! After the completion of the test next week, I will be instructed when and where to go to take the state's test. It will be sometime between that following Monday and the end of June. (I think that's pretty much that week... )


Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne!

According to Clark Howard, annuities are something which are "sold", never bought. You know he means people have no intention of buying into, your words, this type of money management program, but salespeople find a way to pitch it.

I cannot imagine what your head felt like after the overload of information! Wow!

Is this class intended to help you pass the test? The construction classes do that with builders trying to get their licenses. Pass the test first, learn to be a builder second!

How nice that Hanna gets a break from you for awhile this week---te he he! Bet it is quieter around the house in the a.m.'s!!



Suzanne Chappell said...

Hi Kim,

Yes the class is intended to teach you how to pass the test. I think the state intended it as an instruction course to be sure all is covered, but the class is geared to "this is what's on the test...reality isn't quite so." I spoke to the supervisor of the St. Augustine office yesterday and he told me next weekend is going to
be mainly geared on HOW to take the test, and brush on the subject as well. Silly me, I think it would be easier to retain the information and pass the test if you actually had experience in the field first. What do I know, I'm just a trainee.