Monday, February 9, 2009

Infected and embedded are not words to start your Monday off well.

We started out our morning this morning like any other Monday morning, slow and grumpy. Hanna started complaining as usual that her tummy hurt. Daniel was sleepy, and just wanted to stay home and sleep.

We made it out the door a little late, but Hanna still made it to school on time. Dropped her off without hitch. On the way to Daniel's school, he started crying and saying his ear hurt. Well, that's something we just don't mess around with in our household. I personally have had tubes in my ears 6 times, Daniel is "shedding" his 2nd set, and Hanna is in her first set. When somebody says their ear hurts, no doubt it does! About a month ago, I saw the right ear's tube sitting in the outer ear canal in Daniel's ear, and was able to pluck it out. Of course this was the ear that was hurting him. I took him to school, but let the director know he was complaining of an ear ache and I would make arrangements as soon as the doctor's office started answering phones. I got home, and made that call, and to our surprise they had an appointment with the doctor.. not the PA, but the doctor at 11am. We're there, put us in that time slot! I took him to the appointment and sure enough the right ear is infected, and the left ear, the tube is out of the eardrum, but sitting in the canal, embedded into the tissue. That's not good. She said if it continues as it is now, we will have to go to the ENT to have it surgically removed. I actually think the doctor was more concerned about this left ear than she was with the one that I thought was our big problem. We came away with a prescription for amoxicillin and ear drops. I had to laugh when I picked up the drops and the pharmacist said it wasn't ready yet because they wanted to "discuss" the drops with me. The amoxicillin was free, but the ear drops were $101. I kind of chuckled, as I pulled out my "flex card", and said.. "Yes, I know the drops are insanely expensive!" She was relieved, and said that most people tend to go into shock when they tell them how much. It's a "cipro" line of drops, and it is pricey. Thank God my company decided to go with flex cards, allowing us to use for medical expenses up front just as if it were a credit card, rather than fronting the expense and submitting it for reimbursement. If I hadn't had that card, I would have stood there waiting for that prescription with a knot in my stomach, knowing that it was going to be a financial drain on our budget until I could get the funds reimbursed. Just before dinner, I gave Daniel his amoxicillin, which he enjoyed very much, and then we went to the couch to administer the drops. Usually, he finds ear drops entertaining, and says how much they tickle. He approached the activity with laughter, until the third drop went in, then he started screaming, telling me they hurt. These drops are supposed to loosen the tissue around the tube, and hopefully it will work its way out. If not, we'll be headed to our ENT for an early visit! I pray they work. Sitting at the dinner table, Daniel was complaining that his ear that we put the drops in hurt. He looked me square in the eye and said "Why did you have to put drops in this ear? It didn't hurt before!" I felt so bad. I apologized, and told him, unfortunately, even though the drops hurt, they need to go in his ear, and help the tube come out, or we'll have to take him for surgery. Of course, now if we have to have the surgical procedure, he's heard about it as a bad thing, and that will be a battle. It was so much easier when he got his tubes in, and he was only 2 years old. I didn't have to explain anything, and he was clueless. If there is a third time, it's going to be a battle!

Also while at the doctor's office, I brought up the subject of Hanna's tummy aches with the doctor. We discussed what the reasons could be, and she advised taking Hanna off milk with lactose, giving her Lactose Free...which by the way is expensive! Also, suggesting part of the issue might be a bowel regularity issue, I should give her 1 teaspoonful of mineral oil every morning. Okay, we started the milk, and I will go on a hunt for mineral oil tomorrow.

Isn't Grandma just going to love having the kids this upcoming weekend? Hanna's on "special milk", and Daniel's on antibiotics and drops that make him scream! Not to mention the regular dispensing of claritin over the counter hoping to prevent allergy flare ups!

At the moment, I'm simply not looking forward to tomorrow morning, when I have to convince Daniel that these drops are a good thing, when now he knows it's going to hurt! It's going to be a tough morning! Oh yeah, and since I've taken Hanna off of milk, that meant no ice cream (I'll buy some lactose free ice cream tomorrow) so, now I'm headed off to the living room to enjoy a bowl of ice cream in secret!


Tarren Prange said...

We had to do those drops with Lucas once. It took both me and Pete to hold him down, and the screams were DEFINITELY not fake. The first time I did them, I was all by myself and Pete was in the church (which is connected to our house, but separated by an office and two doors). Pete could hear the screams in the church and came running...thinking someone was going to need to go to the emergency room.

I feel for you guys, and I pray he recovers quickly without needing any more surgery. It is especially bad when they have had so many people digging around in their ears, and they are just overly sensitive about it (understandably so). You may want to warn Judy to have Michael handy when the drops are to be given. She may not be able to hold Daniel down alone.

These poor kids with their ears (and milk intolerances)!

Suzanne Chappell said...

Hi Tarren,
I suppose it's a comfort to know that you've been through it as well. Although, I'm sorry for all of you that you also had to go through this. Daniel is typically pretty good about stuff like this, but I'm afraid this might be the exception. I wish there was a better way!

As for Hanna and the milk intolerance, I hope this is our solution. I'd like to get her into a regular routine of not having stomach aches, rather than thinking that's the "norm".

Great to hear from you!


Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne!

No day is going to start well with those two words, I promise you this! My goodness, what a situation he is in, and you with him! Why do the drops hurt so badly? You would think that the Rx people would develop a numbing drop to help the moms and dads when dealing with this. Wow! Sorry, Daniel, and sorry Judy for the mess coming your way!

Happy honeymoon, Suzanne and John!