Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Sparkles and The Birds are playing in the Superbowl tonight!

As Hanna stood in front of the televsion tonight, she announced the score for her Daddy, who often can't see the score and asks her what the numbers are. She said at the time, The "sparkles" have 10, and the "birds" have 7. John and I couldn't help but laugh at that kind of score announcing, since she didn't realize it was the Stealers and the Cardinals.

My sister and her husband came over for dinner and to pick up their daughter, who had spent the day at our house. We decided to grill Brats, which boiled in beer and onions all afternoon, before hitting the grill, and then we made battered chicken wings! I also made maccaroni and cheese, and baked beans, and we had all kinds of dip and chips. My sister brought a pumpkin spice cake with vanilla pudding filling! Mmmmm.. it was all so good! The kids were running around playing in all kinds of stuff, and wanted something that was still in truck from this mornings trip to church. I went out into the garage, and nearly stepped on top of the shattered mirror that was sitting on my garage floor right in front of the truck. I stepped inside, and asked WHO in the house knew anything about the mirror in a million pieces. Hanna didn't really have to say much, since her face pretty well gave it away! Confirming it was her, I sent her to immediate time out while I cleaned up the slivers of glass! I later explained that I didn't really care so much about the mirror, but it was the fact that there was an accident and broken glass all over the floor, and she did not say anything, this is what got her into trouble! I explained no matter what, when something happens she always needs to let a grown up know about it. Someone could have gone out there barefoot in the dark and stepped right into it and cut up there feet! Then, she would have been in even more trouble! She is now grounded Monday thru Wednesday. Although, I often feel that grounding her is really continuing my aggravation, as she will sit and complain about how LONG three days being grounded is, and she really wants to play with her friends! I said, let's be clear You will NOT watch a movie of your choice, you will do your homework, and if you have any additional time, you will sit and watch what is on telelvions (a luxury timeout) but you WILL NOT play with any of your friends, and you WILL NOT be watching any movies on DVD!

When I returned into the living room, my sister had a look on her face, and said.. "your dog's in trouble too!" What? How could a dog be in trouble? My brother in law, Roger said.. "she ate the oil!" Oh no! The cast iron skillet we used to deep fry the chicken wings was sitting on the cooker, because it was too hot to move when we came in to eat. John forgot it was out there, and let her outside. She came in, and sat in the living room, licking her lips and rubbing her face with her paws, trying to get all that oil off! Oh no! John said, "you can't let her in. She's gonna be sick, one end or the other!" Well, she has been spending some time out in the yard, throwing up, that's for sure! I expect we'll have a day tomorrow when she poops all over the yard. I'm debating, although mostly leaning towards not, as to whether or not to let her sleep inside tonight! If I crate her like I usually do, if she gets "the runs", like I expect to happen, she'll make a mess in her crate (which by the way sits in my office), and I'll have a really bad day tomorrow. If I let her in, but not crate her, she might make a mess in my living room or dining room. If I leave her outside, she's not used to being outside at night, and it's cold. I am struggling with knowing what to do! She's a really big dog, and it will be a really BIG mess! I did look online to see if any damages could be done to a dog if they eat canola oil. The "good news", if it could be considered that, is that it will only cause upset stomach and diarrhea. Hmm.. that's comforting! I guess! I can only imagine the feeling of indigestion this dog is feeling right about now! Fried food gives me miserable indigestion, I can't imagine drinking the oil!

My only thoughts are, "this is a crappy way to start the week!" But, hey, I get to watch the sparkles and birds play in the Superbowl!


Tarren Prange said...

The Sparkles and Birds cracks me up! I feel badly for your pup, too. Hopefully it will pass quickly. Just remember...she is a can leave her outside for one night....she will survive...your house will stay clean.

Suzanne Chappell said...

Hi Tarren,
She finally stopped throwing up in time for bed, and I did let her sleep in her crate, much to John's disapproval. She was fine overnight, but once she ate breakfast, she seemed to have troubles again. She'll be spending most of her day OUTSIDE just in case!

The Sparkles and Birds is hilarious! I'll have to tell my neighbor, who is flying is Steeler's flag, that they are "Sparkles". He'll love that!

Kim Lahaie Day said...

Those "macho" Pittsburgh Sparkles! We were rooting in this house for the Birds, and they nearly made it to the finish line! What an exciting finish to the game, though.

Glad to hear that Christine and Roger were there with you for dinner and that you had such a great time. Sorry about the dog, and I am with Tarren about Callie being outside at all costs.....phew! Gross!

Oh, by the way, our member with the pink hair is Micki Perry, a seldom seen, but now that is retiring should be around more often. She came into membership when Pete was at Good Shepherd.

Hugs and blessings,


Suzanne Chappell said...

Hi Kim,
I saw that name while I was counting, and wondered who that was.. now you've helped me put 2 & 2 together.. Mickie Perry! Pink Haired lady! I heard Alicea told her she loved her pink hair.. so at least it was a hit with the little girls! Wasn't it great that Caitlyn made it to church? I was so thrilled! I think she had a lot of fun with us in Sunday School too!

The dog has been fine today, once we made it past breakfast!

Jenny said...

How is the poor puppy dog doing tonight?? Bet she'll never eat oil again:) Hope your back is feeling better today..

Suzanne Chappell said...

Hi Jenny!
Callie seems to be better today. I was just saying to John last night, I bet she could never stomach smelling that oil again!

Have fun packing today!