Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things seem to be improving...

The battle was minimal this morning, with Daniel and the dreaded drops, Thank You Jesus! He did however, try to negotiate with me. "Just one drop today, Mommy!" I've tried to explain the dose is 5 drops, but he doesn't care! I said.. "we'll be quick!" Yesterday morning, was our 2nd time, and he remembered how much it hurt on Monday night! I finally had to pin him down on my legs sitting on the couch to accomplish the drops in his ear. This is really unusual for Daniel, because he's usually very good about medicine and drops in his ear. These drops, as painful as they are, are the exception. I'm not going to fault him for that. He let me do them, finally, and I told him he was very brave! He did pretty good, all things considering, and he didn't seem to complain too much after they were in his ear. Last night, he was really good, although again, negotiating, and then he said.. "Was I brave again?" to which I replied, "You sure were baby, I'm so proud of you!" I think the drops will not be an issue for Grandma this upcoming weekend, and I know she won't give into the negotiating! She's a tough nut!

The amoxicillin is a piece of cake. He likes it. In fact, last night, he asked if he could have some more of the pink medicine. I had to explain that it is not a desert or treat, it is medicine, and can only be taken "as directed".

The lactose free milk is seeming to work for Hanna. I haven't heard many complaints about a tummy ache. I found some mineral oil, and although it's not tasty, she's asking for it. That's just weird! I also have to remember NOT to drink after her, once she's taken the mineral oil, because I noticed there was an oil slick on her drink after breakfast this morning. Eww! John would never drink after either of the children, for fear of consuming "backwash". I think I might have to pack a cooler for everything going to Grandma's house!

Monday morning, I mentioned to the kids they were going to Grandma's this upcoming weekend. Daniel quickly stated "We know! She told us at church!" Excuse me, I didn't realize. I wanted to start paving the road to Friday afternoon, when we pick the kids up in the loaded truck and camper, so as not to throw anyone into jealous shock. When I told them we were going camping, just John and I, Hanna was very upset. She wants to go with us, of course. Daniel didn't seem to mind. Hanna filled the morning with tears, and made me feel ever so guilty. Last night, she started participating more in the idea that we were going alone. She asked if Callie, the dog, was going camping with us. Of course, Grandma does not like big dogs. She's not really a fan of a small dog, but she's certainly NOT going to accept our 90 pound dog into her home. I don't blame her. If I didn't have a dog, I certainly wouldn't want the moose coming to stay in my nice, neat, CLEAN house! (Gee, good thing neither situation exists in my home! I have a dog in my messy home) Hanna then asked me, if Daddy was going camping with me and Callie. John and I both laughed, and I said it would be silly for me to go alone. Wouldn't be much fun, either. I think she's coming around, so I am hoping the "hand off" on Friday afternoon will go as smooth as possible. They're expecting a "surprise trip" from Grandma, like the park, or something. She occasionally takes them to the carousel over in St. Augustine, and has taken them to see their cousins who also live in St. Augustine. I better clue her in this evening at choir practice that they think she's got something great planned. I also better be prepared to pay her off for her efforts, and allowing us to have parental time out!


Jenny said...

Glad the drops are getting better. Caleb hates stuff like that.

The seas were rough in the bahamas, but it was only cool 3 out of the 5 days. The wind is what was brutal. If you were on the side where there was a building blocking it the weather was great, but walk out toward the ocean and you might get blown away:)

Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne,

So glad to "hear" the drops went better. I am sure his Grandma will no problems at all, being so no-nonsense about things. I hope you and Callie have a great time, oh, and John, too, of course! I am already thinking good things will come from this time away!