Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tomorrow is finally, nearly here!

I always laugh now, when I think of it being "tomorrow". Daniel asked me a few months ago, if it was tomorrow. I was feeling rather sarcastic that day, and I told him, "it will never be tomorrow, it will always be today." I didn't realize when I said what I did, that he was anticipating the arrival of ponies at his school. One of his teachers had been promising to bring her ponies up to the school, and tomorrow was the day. But, now it was today... Hence, is today tomorrow? Then, and only then, did I say, "Yes, today, Daniel is tomorrow!" He was a happy boy, and the ponies came to school that day!

Tomorrow is finally only an hour and fifteen minutes away! Yay! John and I are headed out tomorrow afternoon for Talbot Island for a weekend of alone time, and camping, and canoeing and fishing! Everything we love, and doing it together! We have our checklist of foods to put into the cooler and fridge in the camper, and the list of things to get at the store in the morning, and the list of things to put together to take to Grandma for the kids. Lots of lists! Lists are important, otherwise, I would forget something! When I've not packed the camper off the list, that's when I have forgotten important stuff, like the keys to the camper, and flash lights. Our tackle box is together, fishing rods ready, canoe gear ready, the plastic bins are half packed, waiting for the "dry" foods to go into them. There's talk of a little rain Saturday, but who cares! We won't have children running in and out of the camper, with muddy, sandy feet! Just us and the dog! I showed John the satellite photos of the river, and where the canoe launch hits the river, planning our fishing route. John asked me this evening, "What are we going to do with the dog while we fish? She won't want to sit in the canoe that whole time?" He's right, although I'd LOVE to have her in the canoe with us. It's kind of funny, we'd like to take her in the canoe, but we're afraid she'll tip us over if she gets excited! So, we'll put her crate in the camper, and lock her in there for the morning/afternoon while we fish. But after that, I hope to find some good beach for that dog to frolic in the surf! I want her to have a fun time too!

So, tomorrow is finally upon us! It will be Friday, and we're going camping! Obviously, I won't be posting anything until at least Sunday evening, if not Monday! Have a great weekend, and Happy Valentine's Day!


Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne!

I know you are excited about going, and do hope the weather supports you. I never thought about the dog while you are out fishing.....hmmm, might be a long day for the dog being in the crate but she is all cleaned out after drinking the cooking oil...........



Jenny said...

Have fun:)