Thursday, July 2, 2009

The big test is over!

I'm happy to say, I took the state's exam yesterday for my insurance license, and passed. So glad that's over with. My personal goal was to receive a score of 85%, and my score was 86.7%. The next step is to view several training modules much like those I used to send to my clients in the broadcast industry, and take quizzes at the end. Oh boy! I just LOVE training modules. Not! I have to go through those, learning all about insurance, then there's an orientation next Friday at the Banker's office at 7:15am. That's a really weird time to set an orientation, but whatever! It will be over by 10:30, so that won't be so bad. The following week, we begin 6 straight days of 10-hour training days. After that, we'll be "field agents", off to survey the needs of the elderly, and offer solutions for life insurance and Medicare supplements, as well as possible solutions to retirement "vehicles", meaning annuities. That's "Plan A".

"Plan B" is still evolving. More on that after "evolution".


Jenny said...

Congrats :)

Kim Lahaie Day said...

Evolution is only a theory, remember that!

It is no surprise that you did well on the test, and I am incredibly proud of you. And glad for you!

What time should we schedule your wake-up call on Friday???