Sunday, January 4, 2009

A few funny thoughts about my kids...

I couldn't help but laugh at lunch today with my mother in law, about a few funny things my kids have said in the last few days!

First, I was explaining to her how overly dramatic Hanna was last night and this morning regarding the Vick's vapor rub. By the way, this evening went much better, with the promise of a hot towel, and eventually I let her sit with the heating pad. Lunch's discussion lead into how different the kids are, comparing Christmas morning, and their approaches to gift receiving. Hanna nearly went into hysterics, rapidly unwrapping, and tossing aside, ready for the next one. Daniel, took his time with each gift, as if to admire the wrapping and beauty of each gift. When asked about her Christmas gifts, one of them that Hanna quickly mentions is "half a Barbie". It's a styling-head, to do hair things with, but the comment gets quite a few puzzled looks! The sarcasm in me has to say, "Yes, we could only afford half a Barbie this year. We hope to get the other half by her birthday!"

I was taken by a comment Hanna made during our walk Friday morning, when we heard a bird in a tree, making sounds. Hanna said, "what's that?" I said, it's a bird calling." Her reply was very simple, "It's beautiful." "Yes, it is, I said. I was amazed that a 5-1/2 year old would make such a statement about a bird call! And this same child that goes into hysterics at the drop of a hat. Hanna is an incredibly intelligent child, who by the way, finally mastered tying her own shoes this weekend. But, at times, this same child seems like the flakiest of girls! The kind you see on tv, and laugh about, because they just don't seem to pay attention to anything around them. Oh, how I worry about her teenage years!

During our camping trip, the kids were at the playground while we waited to get onto our campsite. Hanna came over to the picnic tables where we were sitting and stated, "That boy is 8 years old, and he was being mean to me, so I slapped him!" Excuse me? I don't know who responded more quickly, John or me. I couldn't help but think.. "don't let your mouth write a check your butt can't cash!" The song "Redneck Woman" by Gretchen Wilson comes to mind when thinking about Hanna. "let me hear the big Hell Yeah, from redneck girls like me! Hell Yeah!" Haha!

During this same trip, Thursday evening, I went to sit in my camp chair. When I got up, my butt was quite wet. I stuck my head in the camper, and asked Daniel, who was lying on his bunk watching a movie, "Did you spill your drink in my chair?" "No, I didn't." "Are you sure you didn't spill your drink, Daniel? It's okay, I would just like to know why my chair is all wet." "Umm, I think maybe an animal did it", he said. I looked back and saw John in convulsions laughing so hard, I thought he was going to fall out of his chair. I said, "Daniel, animals don't spill drinks, did you spill something in my chair?" "Well, I think maybe I did spill my drink, Mommy. It's a coke in your chair." I was thinking at lunch today, it could happen... a raccoon took a capri sun out of our cooler over Thanksgiving, and the kids saw him sitting under the truck drinking it, so why couldn't he sit in my chair and spill a drink. Guess it made good sense to Daniel, and it certainly seemed like a good "out" for him!

Last week, a neighborhood child in Hanna's kindergarten "wing" stopped while he and his mom were walking. He stayed awhile and played, and all the kids enjoyed each other's company. I heard Daniel tell this boy, "I sleep in a pull up!" The boy said, "what's a pull up?" Daniel's reply, "a pull up is a pull up!" The boy said again, "WHAT is a pull up? Is it a diaper?" Oooh, big mistake, boy! That made Daniel mad! He put his hands on his hips, and craned his little neck out, and in his most matter of fact tone, he said.. "A pull up is a pull up, it is NOT a DIAPER!" Daniel being about half this boy's size, looked like a badger at this point, and I do believe that he could have taken him on! John and our neighbor, Brad were sitting on the tailgate of the truck just laughing, and commenting how Daniel was about to open a can of whoop-ass on this boy! I think he was too!


Kim Lahaie Day said...

That is just too funny---Daniel going after a kid because of his pull-up situation! By the way, a pull-up IS a diaper, don't let him fool ya'!

I love hearing your stories about the kids and how amuzing they are. No slapping, though, and I guess that's what the quote means, about writing the checks with your butt???

The camping outings are going to be excellent times for special bonding with the kids, keeping the external influences to a minimum, perfect for memory-making. And blog writing!!!



Suzanne Chappell said...

A diaper, is considered a step "down" from a pull up, but yes.. it is a diaper. I always threaten him, if he continues to pee in his pants, I'll make him wear a real diaper all the time! That makes him mad!

One of these days, Hanna's bossy attitude is going to find herself in the middle of a butt whooping by a tougher kid.. and that's what I mean by writing checks your butt will have to cash. As John always says, "if you're going to be stupid, you gotta be tough!"