Monday, January 12, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes...

Hanna came home from school this afternoon telling me all about Martin Luther (King, that is, but she forgot that part!), and all that they had learned today in class. She was telling about this man who wanted everyone to be equal, and not live separate. She said the white people were mean to the black people and treated them like elves! Okay, I had to laugh! During Christmas, I was worried about the sensitivity of the issue as she referred to Santa's helpers as slaves. I chuckled this afternoon, and corrected her, telling her black people were kept as slaves. She retained this information long enough to tell her Daddy about it at the dinner table, but said Martin Luther King wanted the people to live separate. So much history to keep straight! I hope she does better than I did in history!

I'd had one of those afternoons, when I finally decided it was time to walk away from my computer, knowing that I will be spending dreaded late hours tonight trying to correct a client problem. I decided at 4:45 it was time to get Daniel early. Hanna went to her friends house to continue playing, so this allowed me time for what I thought would be a "quick trip" into Wal-Mart to exchange the contact lenses I'd purchased on Friday. I could have sworn I used to wear Accuvue 2 lenses, but turns out they were Accuvue Oasis lenses. Twice the cost, but much more comfortable. Anyway, I stopped in this morning after dropping Daniel off at school, and the technician said she needed to consult with the doctor when he got in, to get his approval for the switch. (I swore during my exam that I couldn't wear Oasis lenses, but in fact, that's what I did wear. It was H-2-Optix that I had problems with! I hate backtracking!) I thought this would be a quick exchange at 5:00. Not the case. Instead, I sat and waited close to thirty minutes, with my very observant four year old son. Yes...I said observant. Not only did he observe that the woman being waited on look like a man, but also that she talked funny, and shouldn't be dressed like a man. If ever I've prayed for hurried service it was now! The woman was suspiciously a lesbian, and when filling out the information in the computer for her order of glasses, the question.. married, single or "other", her answer was "other". Suspicion confirmed! Now, if only Daniel would quickly learn social grace and be quiet about the situation! I finally distracted him with different displays at the counter where we were waiting, letting him look at himself in the mirror, showing him different displays of lense types, etc. Finally, it was our turn, and he was quite helpful, gathering the boxes of contacts the lady pulled for our purchase, helping her apply the "L" and "R" stickers on each box, and finally loading them into a bag for us to carry home. Out into the rain we went, and hurried to the truck. We made it home by 6:00, fed the dog, went and "gathered" Hanna from her friend's house, and came home ready to eat the delicious smelling chicken and rice casserole that had been baking in the oven during our absence. It was good, too!

I had thought during the noon news that perhaps I would be home in time to participate in the digital "check" that was going to occur at 5:25, to make sure all our tv's were DTV ready. I'm sure they will be, since we don't have any "rabbit ears" on any of our tv's, but wanted to be 100% sure. Next time, I guess..


Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne,

I remember when Justin came home from pre-k and announced they had a picture of Martin Luther on the wall in his classroom. I was astounded! Could this be??? Just like Hanna, we finally got to the bottom of the indoctrination taking place about slavery and all that.......

Is that a man or a woman? Why is that lady dressed like a man? I can just hear it!! Funny stuff, funny stuff!

Suzanne Chappell said...

Hi Kim,
I thought it was funny when she referred to elves as slaves, so it was easy to see where her confusion came in today with slaves being treated as elves! I wonder if MLK was named after ML? You probably know that, the good Lutheran that you are!

Yeah, it was just hilarious! That "woman" was kinda scary looking, and I wished Daniel would just be quiet! She was wearing a ball cap, had huge football class rings on her fingers, a huge belt, and work boots.. at least she was a Gator fan.. even had an orange wallet that she kept in her back pocket... but.. it made me uncomfortable.. and Daniel was just curious as anything! Couldn't shut him up for nothing!

Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne,

Certainly MLK was named for our guy, but is hardly the same thing!!!! Well, wait a minute now---both were about liberty in some ways. I wonder what MLK would make of the way his brothers and sisters are living their lives with "freedom"---many are yet "slaves" to the system!