Friday, January 9, 2009

I can only imagine the drama ...

Yesterday when I picked Hanna up from school, she was telling me about it before she got close enough to the truck for me to hear it! "Mommy, I pulled my tooth out!" Yay, the second tooth finally came out! Her school handles tooth loss in a really cool way. She had a little tooth shaped plastic box on a string around her neck that held her tooth! Pretty cool if you ask me! I asked her how it came out, and she said, "Caroline told me to pull it out, so I went into the bathroom and pulled it! Then, when I came out of the bathroom, I said, Miss Kelly, my tooth came out! But, Miss Kelly said, 'Class, it's just a tooth! She pulled her tooth. Calm down!'" I wasn't sure exactly what that indicated, so in an email to her teacher this morning regarding the readers that were sent home, I inquired as to the disruption the tooth caused. Mrs. Kelly commented in her email.."the tooth event was so funny! She came out of the bathroom with more excitement than I can explain, and it scared me and Mrs. Wood (the brail teacher) so bad. We thought something terrible had happened. In kindergarten, you never know. THANK goodness it was just a tooth." I'm still laughing over that one! I can only imagine the drama Hanna had going over the blood and excitement! So, the Tooth Fairy "paid" us a visit again last night, and I heard all about it at 2:00am when Hanna stood by my bed, poking my face.. "Mommy, the Tooth Fairy left me a dollar and two quarters!" I told her that was great, and please go to bed! She could show me in the morning!

You can imagine how tired I was. We'd stayed up until midnight to cheer the Gators on to another National Championship victory! Go Gators!

Tomorrow I hope to take down our Christmas decorations. I might be taking on more than I can handle with both the kids being home, and John not here.. again. He's headed down to the church early early early along with his brother Mike and good friend Mark. They're going to spray poly-eurethane on the interior doors of our new school building. Originally, Mike told John there were a "few" doors to be done. John did a walk through with him last week, and turns out, there's 14 doors to be done tomorrow. Although Mark is good, I'm not so sure they'll get all 14 doors sanded, taped off around any windows.. AND sprayed. I heard some exasperation the other day while John was on the phone with Mike, as John yelled out in a question.."Louvered? Do you know how long it will take to sand louvered door!?" Uh oh, that didn't sound good! We'll see how far they get tomorrow. I reminded John that we have reservations next weekend for camping, paid for, so if it runs over they'll have to pick up after next weekend.

The pictures of the kids show Hanna's missing teeth, and the one of Daniel, well, it just looks devilish!


Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne!

Finally, the next tooth is out! It's starting to run into money now, isn't it?

I heard about the guys meeting at church tomorrow for the doors, and Mike sort of refused my offer to solicite extra help, saying there wasn't enough for a group to do. I wonder if John feels the same way.............

He does look the tiniest bit devilish.....



Suzanne Chappell said...

I don't know if there's anything anyone else can do to help or not..

They'll be using Mark's compressor to do the poly, but seems to me like all those doors, they could probably use another hand or two.. but, what do I know. As far as John, he never asks for help when he needs it. Drives me crazy! He'll help everyone in the world, but won't ask for help for himself!

Very devilish! Should have seen it before I took out the red-eye!

See you Sunday,

Tarren Prange said...

Very cute pictures! I can't believe Hanna is losing teeth already!

Suzanne Chappell said...

Hi Tarren!
Yes, isn't it hard to believe! Seems like she was just getting them, and the ear infections and horrible diaper rash that seemed to come with each tooth! Thank goodness we don't have to worry about that this go around!

My cover was almost blown this afternoon when her friend in 2nd grade was over here, and saying she didn't getting anything for losing teeth. She's not a "believer" in Santa, and I was afraid she was going to give up the Tooth Fairy on me.

You should hear her read! It's amazing!

She's anxiously awaiting to wear her new outfit Sunday morning! It's finally cool again, and Sunday! Yay! She can wear it! She's thrilled. I'll take pictures!

Love you!