Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Highlights of our O'Leno trip this weekend...

This is a picture of John and the kids sitting on the steps going up to the old sign about the town of Old Leno, now called O'leno.

Daniel waits on the shore for his dog to bring back the stick that she fetched for him out of the river. Good Dog!

Note the frozen bubbles in the dish soap bottle...

This is a picture of the swinging bridge, suspended by cables over the Sante Fe River.


Kim Lahaie Day said...

Just as I was getting warm, I saw the photo of the frozen dish soap...........



Suzanne Chappell said...

Aren't the frozen bubbles in the soap the most bizarre thing ever?

John's afraid that when we go in February alone (our honeymoon, ya know) it will be cold as well! I promise to take the electric blanket, and since the kids won't be along, we can point the space heater on US if it's cold!

I hope it's not cold, because we haven't taken the canoe out in ages.. and I just love fishing out of it!

Warm hugs!