Sunday, January 4, 2009

It was a "cardinal crime" kinda day...

I couldn't believe it! When I came home from church, (the kids and John stayed home to nurse their colds) my children were STILL in their pajamas! Both of them! I got home at 2:15 in the afternoon, and MY CHILDREN were still not dressed! They'd been watching television all morning, and when it came time for a football game to start, their movie on the Disney channel wasn't over, so John put them in on our bed to watch the end of it. There they were, when I came home, sprawled out on our bed, in their pajamas watching tv. Will wonders never cease! I was actually quite relieved to know that they'd actually been resting, and not gone out to run wild in the neighborhood and get over heated. I think that was a testament to how poor they both really felt.

Going to church alone was really quite nice. It was a little funny at the start of Sunday school, there were no children for the pre-k/kindergarten group. "The Boys" weren't there, my kids weren't there (that's 5 kids right there), Sarah wasn't there, nor CJ, and no Jordyn. I think that's pretty much the lot of them in that class, and none of them were there this morning. I kept looking over my shoulder between Sunday school and worship service, thinking I should be watching my kids. It was very enjoyable to talk to my friends without interruption or concern. I don't know if I was exceptionally emotional today, or if it was simply because I was able to get the full benefit of the service, but I found myself choking back tears several times. Pastor's sermon was very meaningful, and tied in wonderfully to our sunday school lesson. Our bible study lesson was how Jesus healed the blind man, and lead the man to faith. The emphasis being on the spiritual gift of faith, rather than the physical gift of sight. The sermon in church was about the spiritual gifts we've been given as well. He talked about the maggi, and how maggi and the word come from the same root word, and how the maggi followed the star to the baby Jesus, to find this small baby, a gift to save the world! A miraculous thing in life, is something as simple as a child knowing, not doubting, Jesus loves them, and that they will go to be with him one day. During the sermon, I couldn't help but think more about the gifts in my life, through my faith. At one point, I was reflecting on the moment that my father died. Remembering, holding his hand, watching him fight, and finally telling him, "Daddy, let go of me, and let your Savior take you home!" Something Pastor said during the sermon, was that sometimes, Jesus' love allows our soul to smile and be happy, while our heart is breaking! Wow! What a gift. I couldn't help but think as he was talking about the magic, the miracle of Christmas, how I could once again truly feel my faith growing inside of me. I was thinking how amazing it is, simply hearing God's word, grows our faith! Wow! How truly awesome! Although, it is unfortunate my family was all sick this morning, I couldn't help but think, that for me, it was a gift, being able to sit in church and HEAR the message!

I don't know why or what has made me so reflective of my life this season, but I am thankful to have been given such a gift. The reality to see how good my life is, and how it is enriched each day, and how I grow by leaps and bounds everytime I spend time with my Savior on Sundays!


Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne,

Ooops, I didn't even read to the end of your posting before commenting!!!! But I had to tell you this-----Pastor's remark about our souls smiling even if your heart wasn't happy was so noteworthy, I wrote it on the back of my service folder!!!! Great minds picked up on the same thought...

I believe you are probably reflective, appreciative of your faith because you get to share it more now!!!



p.s. paper copies of the sermon are usually on the back podium by the usher's table, in case you ever need one to read again, when you can concentrate.....

Suzanne Chappell said...

Hi Kim!
I was so tempted to turn around and smile at you when he made that comment! I wanted to share right then... WOW! Did you hear that??? But, that would have been disruptive! :)

You're probably right about sharing it more now! Maybe that's the secret! Something Pastor Hoyer said during our marriage counseling that I hold dearly, is that words come first, and emotions follow. (this was actually a warning to watch what you say during marital arguments, but it carries over in all parts of life!) So, I've been trying more lately to write about our days more positively, regardless of how chaotic if felt at the time, and hopefully, the positive attitude will begin to beam all the time.. even at times of chaos! I doing so, my children will eventually pick up my positive attitude, as I hope to reflect it on them at all times in our lives!

Kim Lahaie Day said...

Oh, absolutely, you could have turned around to "share" but I was probably already digging for the pen at that point! A real "zinger" for the heart, yes?

I like what you wrote about Phil and the marriage counseling conversation. So many things we learn at church have perfect application in "real life" which might serve to set us apart from others. Good for you for recognizing the more "positve" attitude will affect your kids. Keep posting, I love your words!