Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I can relax now that the light went away!

I can relax now, that the light in the truck is gone! The light that said.. low tire pressure! I'd checked the owner's manual and found the 'idiot light' that I was seeing, and it said it was a low tire pressure indicator. Even knowing that, I thought perhaps I still didn't see it correctly, and there was more wrong with the truck. That would not be a good thing, to have something wrong with MY truck, since John's is already sitting in the backyard, "lame", and definitely not drivable! So, I made the stop this morning at Wal-Mart, and had them change the oil (I didn't dare tell them the last time I had the oil changed was there, but I'm sure they figured it out!), and they changed the air filter, which the guy told me was filthy, and I asked him to please check the tires since this light was haunting me. They took care of it all, and now it runs quietly, as if it were new again! I hope to be better about future truck maintenance issues!

While in Wal-Mart, I didn't see any "unisex" shoppers as I had the other day when I had Daniel with me, and he so loudly pointed it out, but instead I ran into one of Hanna's school friends' mother. I like Amy very much, but I really hate it when I run into people when I'm out dressed like a bum! I threw on a pair of sweat pants this morning, and had a fleece pullover shirt as well, no make-up, which is usually the case these days, unless I've been to church or the doctor's office, and I skipped washing my hair last night! Eeek! I was standing near the toys, browsing the ones from Christmas marked as "clearance", and I heard a voice say... "Hi, Miss Suzanne". Yikes! I looked up, and there was Amy and her soon to be 3 year old daughter Anna Beth! I felt a little better seeing that she too was wearing sweats and a tee shirt, and I couldn't really tell if she was wearing make up or not. She's one of those people who is blessed with a beautiful ivory complexion, and could get away with minimal makeup, and you'd never know it! Her daughter Caroline is in Hanna's kindergarten class. This is a fun side story; there used to be a family at our church, that has a daughter named Anna. Hanna and Anna's birthdays were only 3 days apart, and they were both very much drama queens! The Thursruds moved away a little over a year ago, to Savannah. Derek is in the Coast Guard. Caroline's father is also in the Coast Guard, and they just moved here I think this past summer, and came from Savannah. Amy said yes, they are very familiar with Anna and her parents, and that the two girls played together on occasion, during Coast Guard get togethers! Small World! Caroline is considered to be one of Hanna's 'best friends'. I love that!

In talking with Amy at the store, I was sharing with her that we'll be camping in the freezing temperatures this weekend. I also told her that I had made reservations for spring break up in Georgia. She asked me where, and I told her. Amy grew up in Alabama and Georgia (as you can imagine, she has a beautiful southern accent!) and was very familiar with Mistletoe State Park. She said, "I hate to tell you this, but I camped there as a child during spring break one year, and it was the coldest camping trip ever! Down to 26 degrees, and we were tent camping!" Yikes! I hope that was a freak thing! If temperatures are that cold in April, John is likely to make the 6 hour drive home early! She also mentioned that she recalled it being a beautiful place, so again, I am very much looking forward to it!

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Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne,

Perhaps you learned a lesson about fixing yourself up when you head out to the store! At least put on some lipstick for heaven's sake! Just teasing.....there's a Seinfeld episode where Jerry gives George a lecture about wearing sweat pants when he has no intention of sweating---makes him look like he has totally given up! I think that whenever I see folks "undressed' in the stores. You opened this can of worms.

Glad to hear you had the truck maintained but am shocked to think you'd still consider camping this weekend. You are a trouper, I give you that!

How fun to make the acquaintence of Thorsrud's and that Hanna is friends with their Anna!!!!!! Yes, small world!

Have a great day----I must go put some clothes on!