Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bears on Buffalo's ring...

Kids say the funniest things! Remember when your world was shattered when you found out what the lyrics to that song really were!? Tonight, after Hanna had been singing jingle bells, Daniel was singing.. Bears on buffalo's, that's not right, ... bears of buffalo's ring... no, that's not right! Mommy, how does it go? Bells on bobtails ring, making spirits bright, oh what fun... ha ha. Yes, he thought it was bears of buffalo's rings!

Hanna was drawing a picture of a little person, with a red pointy had, like a "Santa's helper", and said.. "Look at the slave's hat!" I ducked my head around the kitchen corner, "did you say, slave?". John said, "no, she said, sleigh." Hanna replied, No, slave! Santa's slave!" Hmm... well, the elf in Rudolf that was banned to Misfit Island was sent away, because he didn't do what he was told. John said, "Santa does kinda 'own' them." Ok, "Hanna, they're elves, not slaves! Santa's helpers are elves. Nobody has slaves."

Tomorrow will be a fun day for Hanna. She gets to wear her pajamas to school for "Polar Express Day". The kindergartners are watching the movie, and having cookies and popcorn, and juice. It should be a lot of fun. She's been talking about it for a week! Of course, Daniel wants to wear his pj's, but they're not having a special occasion. Kinda like the day we started spiking his hair on "funny hair day" at Hanna's school, now he likes his hair spiked for school. I explained that he had to wear his regular clothes, but next week Santa is paying a visit to his school, and won't be going to Hanna's and that will be his special day. OK! He's good with that! Shew!

So, I made the trip over to Grandma's to pick up all the stuff I'd purchased last weekend at Toys R Us. Wow, did I buy some noisy toys! I didn't realize it until I spent 30 minutes in the truck with all those motion activated toys! The roaring and flashing. It made it very difficult to listen to the soundtrack I was playing from Last of the Mohicans. I made it home just in time before the rain started up. Everything but one big item was stuffed into the cab of the truck, and the 'big' thing wouldn't matter if it did get wet, I just didn't want the hassle of wrestling with a wet big box! Once I got all that settled in, I started on my "mission" for the day. To get the inside of my house decorated for Christmas! Isn't it funny, we have to pick everything up, and put all the "loose" stuff back in it's home, vacuum, and then, we drag all the boxes and stuff out, and then there's a mess again! Only this time, it's of all the Christmas stuff that you can't quite figure out where you're going to put it! Just a few more things tomorrow, including the dreaded D-U-S-T-I-N-G, and I'll have the inside set. Tomorrow, I'd like to strive to get the outside done. I thought I'd do it today, but it rained a LOT, so that was not in the cards for the day. We did get the tree up, and the kids had their box of ornaments to put on when they came home from school. Daniel was so excited to help me put the "pine corns" on the tree. I showed him how we could just wedge the branches in between the layers on the pinecones. He thought that was great! Hanna really didn't care one way or another about the pinecones, and had no interest in helping us put them on. Party pooper!

I'm struggling to get my house together not only for the season, but also for Daniel's birthday party on Sunday afternoon, which I won't be home to prepare for Saturday or Sunday until it's time. Saturday the kids and I will head to the church by 8:15, to be ready for Christmas 4 Kids at 9am. When that concludes at noon, we'll head over the Grandma's, eat something for lunch on the way, change clothes, and head downtown to see The Nutcracker. We've made this a "tradition", and this will be Daniel's first year. He's very excited about that!

It should be a fun weekend, but very busy!

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Kim Lahaie Day said...


Thank you, by the way, for saying you'll miss me at the registration table! You are right about messing up the house in order to decorate it....but then it looks so nice with the colorful pretties and lights! I hope you have a good time celebrating Daniel's birthday. I have never seen the Polar Express movie but Justin had the book as part of required reading at St. Johns. Is it good?

With the lead up to CHRISTmas, every day becomes special in some way, with activities and stuff at school, etc. That's why it is nice to be able to spend quiet time smelling the pine corns!