Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We had an unusually good morning...

I'm happy to say, we had a great morning today! I'm wondering if it's because Hanna got some quiet one on one time before Daniel woke up. She came into my room around 6:15, and it was way too early to get up, so she crawled into bed with me. John wasn't there, as he's out of the house by 5:30 every morning. I got up around 6:45, got dressed, and was headed out into the living room, when she woke up. We sat on the bed, hugged, snuggled, and talked about how warm and toasty the bed was, compared to the air in the room. We went into the living room together, she let the dog out of her crate, and I got her breakfast ready, and fed the dog. We sat at the table and had some "chat time", before we both wondered if Daniel was going to get out of bed today. Most mornings, I'm pushed out of bed by both my children crawling into my warm, comfy bed, and then battling over who gets to lay against me, or someone's leg is up, and they can't see the TV if it's on. It's more than I need to motivate myself right out of my bed! I woke Daniel up around 7:20, carried him out to the living room, and fixed him a waffle. No fussing, no arguing.. she didn't even mind the clothes I'd picked out for her. When I got home, I took a second to thank God for giving me such a quiet, uneventful morning. These are the mornings I really treasure. I hope that Hanna's morning has carried over into her day. It certainly did yesterday, but that wasn't a good thing!

Yesterday, we had a major 'melt down', as I' d picked out a pair of black jeans, a nice pink long sleeved t-shirt, and a lavendar/pink argyle sweater vest. She looked very cute, but argued for 20 minutes before putting on the jeans. Her favorite jeans are the stretchy denim, and fit tight to her body. The black jeans, fit like jeans, and are somewhat loose around her tummy. "They make look fat!" She's 5 years old, why are we having this dilemma. I said, they didn't and that it's just because she was looking down on them. If she'd take the time to look in the mirror, she'd see that they look fine. They just have a little "growing room". She said, "people are going to say I look weird". At the end of the day, I said, "Did anyone say you looked weird?" She said, "No, and Regan said she liked my clothes!" Gasp! Say it isn't so! She didn't look weird at all! And, yes.. she came home on "orange" yesterday, for being disruptive and talkative, and not doing her work. It didn't surprise me, the morning was horrible.

On a humurous note, and completely off subject, I took the dog for a walk this morning. It's a warm, breezy morning, and I couldn't help but notice a group of Christmas decorations. I use the phrase "Christmas" very lightly, as they really aren't Christmas at all, in my opinion. There's a house in our neighborhood that decorates for the season with an array of blowup decorations.. including a giant Seminole football guy (bluch), a snowman, a Santa, and a globe. These blowup decorations are on a tie out stake, for occasions just like this morning. It was breezy, really, windy. These things were bouncing all over the yard, on their string, held down by one stake. It made me laugh, it looked like they were "frolicing" in the yard. Haha.. that's funny, frolicing decorations. Not Christmas at all, but quite humorous in the end! The kids find them entertaining, however, to me, Christmas decor should emphasize on the glory and beauty, and the gift of the CHRISTmas season, never losing sight that Christ is indeed the reason for the season.


Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne,

How nice to have a peaceful and quiet launch to the day! The colors Hanna gets at school, are they same as the ones used for national security alerts, like at the airport???? Warn us if she gets to red, okay? Sad that already she is concerned about her clothes and body image, hope you can arrest that!

I am fully on the same page as you when it comes to CHRISTmas and its decor. I do step outside my "rules" using my nutcrackers for decorating but mostly hope to express JESUS as the reason for the season (isn't that original??).



Suzanne Chappell said...

Hi Kim,
yes, I think her colors at school are much the same as our national alerts. She starts at green, and can digress to yellow, then orange, then red! We've been on red once! We've had two days now, at level "orange". Again, it was talkative and disruptive, but if you ask her, it's because Faith wanted to use her chapstick, and she had to explain to her that she couldn't share her germs!

And, don't tell anyone, but we have Nutcrackers too! Hanna and I both love them! We're even going to the Nutcracker on Saturday!