Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Seashells in the toilet.. not an ordinary day!

Ha ha... what a title, seashells in the toilet. What could that be? Weird! Just weird.

No, not really, just part of our ThanksLiving adventure up at Skidaway Island State Park, in Savannah, GA. John and I, took the kids and the dog, and were joined by his sister, Lynn and her husband Dave, and their daughter Victoria to the state park for Thanksgiving. We spent a very cold Wednesday night before ThanksLiving and stayed through a very rainy Sunday morning. If I had any words of advice for anyone camping in a popup it would be that rain is VERY LOUD during the night on the roof.

So, back to the seashell in the toilet. What? Hanna, Daniel, Victoria and I had taken a hike Saturday morning. Hanna and Daniel made a "pact", since Daniel had two big sticks, they were actually the branches to two big palm frawns, and Hanna had two big seashells, they would each give the other one of what they had, so they'd each have one stick, and one seashell. "That's a good deal". The kids and I returned from our hike, and made a stop at the playground, and a gentleman and his son stopped by and were telling us about the alligator they had at the observation center. It was real, and alive! Cool! The kids wanted to see it, but we had the dogs, I use "dog" loosely with Bandit, as he's a 4-1/2 pound Yorkie, and Callie is a 90 pound Lab! That's a dog! Bandit is a "so-called dog" if you ask me. So, we made a trip back to our campsites, and left the dogs behind so we could go back and see the alligator. Before heading there, we had to stop off at the restroom to ensure Daniel stayed dry during our visit with the gator. Okay, so he went into the stall, did his business.. of course, Daniel being Daniel, he had to stand there, and goof around. "MOMMY! My seashell! It's in the toilet!' Oh brother! It fell in the toilet. Well, this was no ordinary seashell.. it was one of those big flat ones, often used as soap dishes. Now, that seashell was lying in the bottom of the toilet; the toilet Daniel just used. Well, Victoria and Hanna burst into laughter, while Daniel was in a panic and near tears. The seashell was history as far as I was concerned.. but I had a bit of a moral dilemma. If I left that thing in there, it would cause problems for all the other campers throughout the day, and we'd have a shortage of available toilets in Comfort Station #1. What to do... ok, I told Hanna and Victoria to stop the laughing (didn't do any good) and clear the way. I quickly reached into the commode, grabbed that seashell, and tossed it into the garbage can next to the door. Then, quickly plunged my hands under the water, and washed with soap and water up to my elbows VERY THOROUGHLY! Daniel wanted that seashell back. No Way Buddy! I told him.. that thing was in the toilet.. in pee! You can't have it! I could see it in his face.. the wonder.. Mommy's hands went into the pee.. she didn't throw them away, why can't I have my seashell back? You just can't.. sorry Buddy!


Stay tuned, and I'll post our thieving racoon story later on.... same trip!


Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzzane,

You can certainly see the logic in Daniel's notion that the hands can be saved, but not the non-porous shell that lives in water filled with fish pee????? I'd have done the same thing, though, dived and then scrubbed. Never go anywhere without latex gloves in your pocket!



kathy b said...

Funny story - along with Kim's tip for latex gloves, you can also invest in a gopher!!

Suzanne Chappell said...

Hi Kim, you're right, I should keep a box of gloves with us.. I keep a roll of bags on the leash to pick up after the dog, but never thought I'd have to dip my hands into a toilet. It wasn't even my own toilet! Eww!

Kathy, I think my aunt has one of the "gopher" things, since she's not supposed to be bending down after back surgery. Hmm.. maybe I'll have to hi-jack hers, just in case. (wink)