Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Too many "cats" are getting let out of the bag!

This morning, I was awakened by Hanna, "Mommy, I accidentally opened a present." Hmm.. nobody accidentally opens a present, puts the box in their closet, wrapping paper in the trash, and puts the Barbie under the pillow. I took the Barbie, who has now joined the other unwrapped gifts in my office closet. The box and wrapping paper have been disposed of. She has assured me that there are no other gifts hiding out in her room, and I am certain that she had to do some digging to find a big box to open. I will give it to her tomorrow, and informed her that she will not be opening one gift this evening, as she's already taken that opportunity. I'll let her wonder throughout the day as to whether or not she will be getting the "Mariposa Barbie" she opened.

Last night, John took Daniel shopping with him for my Christmas gifts. John laughed when they came home, and said.. "this boy is a flirt". Well, I already knew that. Apparently, every pretty lady he saw, he made eye contact with and chatted it up. John said, a single guy would love taking this guy out, because he ends up talking to all the ladies. While I was getting him into his Lightning McQueen pj's, Daniel informed me that they went FOUR places, and that they bought me a new purse. Ha! I laughed, and covered his mouth, telling him "NO, don't tell me! Daddy will not take you shopping anymore! It's a secret." Well, he didn't tell me about any other gifts. Although, it wasn't for the lack of trying! Hanna was not allowed this trip, since last year, during advent church service, she leaned over, and said.."Mommy, we bought you a cross necklace at the mall!". Poor John, I guess next year, he'll go alone!

Just now, as I've been typing, I heard the crashing of something in the bathroom. Daniel stuck his head out in the hallway, "Mommy, on an accident, there's a problem." I inquired as to what the problem could be, and he said..."I accidentally spilled the pony tails." The box of Hanna's pony tail holders landed upside down on the bathroom floor, however, it stayed on top of them, keeping them contained in one place. I was imagining as I went towards the bathroom that I would find hundreds of pony tail holders spread around my bathroom, but that was not the case. Shew!

We have a handful of gifts to wrap today, and hopefully neither of my children will remember what they are until they see them being unwrapped. Hopefully the gifts under our tree will remain there until tomorrow morning, when we can all share in the gift exchange. Rather than the secret openings behind closed doors in the dark early hours!

We'll leave our house this evening around 5:45 or 6:00, and head for our church. I'd like to give myself a little extra time to make sure everything is in order for our children's CHRISTmas program, and hope that we have very few surprises. If I've said it once, I've possibly said it a dozen times so far, "I'll throw some balls into the air, and see what comes down, and what I can keep juggling in the air."

Christmas Eve is such a magical night. I'm not referring to Santa, but the wonderful blessing of faith and love, knowing that it is the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. My favorite Christmas Eve memory is from 2004. Daniel was 8 days old, and he and I spent most of our evenings and nights at that time in the recliner in the living room, since I was breast feeding, and it was an every hour or so thing. We were both restless, and went outside at midnight. Just as we were looking at the stars, it was a clear night, I saw the one and only shooting star I have ever seen. I couldn't help but think it must have surely been a special gift, just for me to enjoy with my newborn son, remembering the birth of God's one and only son! Merry Christmas! (now dry your eyes...:P)

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Kim Lahaie Day said...

This one gave me goosebumps, the part about seeing the shooting star, holding Daniel in your arms....Merry CHRISTmas Chappell family!!!!!