Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh the drama...

Well, yesterday afternoon proved to be very dramatic for Hanna from the minute I picked her up from school. From the minute she got into the truck at parent pick up, she was filled with drama! "I had a bad day". That boy is selling lollipops, and I want one". And the sobbing.. ugh, the sobbing. I asked, how bad the day was.. "I got a note". Uh, a note. Apparently, she spit in someone's face during lunch. "Please don't tell Daddy! I don't want you to tell Daddy!" Why am I any less intimidating that Daddy? I'll never understand this. Our very long 5 minute ride home, and I told her, sit on the couch, and rest a bit, I think you've had a rough day. "I'm HUNGRY!" I turned, and said.. "You don't yell your demands at me, sit and rest a bit, then you can have a snack". Well, this continued and I finally sent her to her room. Then, she continued to kick the door, and yell through it.. "I don't like you!" Well, I wasn't real fond of her at this moment, so the feeling was mutual. She stood in the hallway, "can I come out now?" I said.. you can come out when you've sat in there quietly, and I've decided you can come out!" I finally let her out, but she was not going out to play, she was considered 'grounded', and she was going to rest on the couch! End of story! During all of this, I also had a client, whom I have yet to make verbal contact with, call me. I explained to him the nature of my job, that I work at home, and that, yes, my 5 year old daughter is home in the afternoon.


Shortly after 5pm, we hurried off to pick up Daniel, made a stop first at Wendy's, but determined the line was too long, so we shot across to Burger King, there was only one car in the drivethru. It would be quick.. and I had to be at church by 6:15 for choir practice. Not quick! We sat, and waited, and waited, and waited.. this guy leaned out his window with a LIST! I yelled at the front windshield. "Are you kidding me!?" I heard Daniel pipe in from the back seat, "this guy is taking too long, we're not going to get any food!" I put it in reverse, and we rushed over to the parking lot, and went in. Hurry, hurry, hurry. We went inside, and stood behind one elderly couple. Daniel still commenting.. that guy is stupid! He's taking too long!" Oops, guess I voiced my opinions too long. "Daniel, we don't call people stupid! It's not nice." The lady in front of us was sooo slow making up her mind. Maybe it was just because we were in a hurry. Finally, order complete.. now to pay. They had to dig through her purse and his pockets for exact change.. Come on.. we're in a hurry! Our turn.. we place our order, and hurried to the truck. Oh.. the ladies were nice enough to give Hanna and Daniel free toys from old kids meals. We got two spongebobs! I didn't order a kids meal.. I strategically placed my order.. ONE combo, 2 orders of chicken "crowns", and two small drinks. They get the fries, and I wouldn't have had to have the 'toy battle'. Thankfully, they were both good, and ate all the food on the way, so I gave them the toys!

At church, they were exceptionally good.. before church, during.. and after, during another choir practice. Finally, I had to tell Robbie, I have to go. It's 8:30, my kids are crashing on the pew, and I gotta get them home. They were so good. I'd promised them hot cocoa this morning, if they were good last night, so yes.. they got their cocoa! I had to wake them up at 7:30 this morning, and hurry them through breakfast. I'm surprised the day ended so well, with the dramatic afternoon we had had. Thank GOD for small blessings!


kathy b said...

At least we know when the doctor says to Hanna, "Open wide", she knows how to do that!

Also, there's a reason patience is a virtue - it's hard to come by - if we just didn't have to deal with people (ha ha!).

Suzanne Chappell said...

Ha! Exactly right, Kathy! If only we didn't have to deal with people. We're having yet another dramatic afternoon, and it's worse with John having the opportunity to come home early. I should be able to enjoy it.. but instead, it's a challenge between he and Hanna! (Of course, her day at school was another challenge.. and she got in trouble because "other people made me talk!") I will be a very wise woman if I can ever figure out how to patiently, and calmly deal with my children!

THAT is why we have prayer, and the promise of a savior! haha!

Tarren Prange said...

Tell my godchild she better whip herself into shape! =)

Hi Suzanne! Glad to see you in the blog world. I'm so happy I'll be able to keep up with you guys a little better now. Love hearing stories about the kids!

Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne,

I love your reply to Kathy where you report how other people made Hanna talk....I know just how she feels!

Even though you are the one who mainly bears the "burden" of child discipline, that threat or promise of dealing with Daddy is a valuable tool, as I recall.

The kids really were a dream while we were rehearsing for our 2nd time on Wednesday and am glad they got their cocoa the next morning. Always good to have something to work toward!

See you tomorrow!



Suzanne Chappell said...

Hi Tarren,
It's so good to see you on my blog! For sure, you can keep up with us here! She's about to get "whipped into shape" for sure after the day we had today. Just wait and see the blog! I'm beginning to thing she's got a serious case of demons these days...

The funny thing about other people "making her talk".. I know the feeling too! Carol get into trouble with "The Maestro" often, because we chat during choir.. I think we both make each other talk.