Sunday, December 7, 2008

He had a great time with Grandma

It was nice to see his cheery little face this morning, after Daniel spent the night with Grandma. He was so excited! He had a new pair of Lightning McQueen pj's, the cool kind.. with footies, and he couldn't wait to try them out last night. He said this morning, they were very comfy! I seem to have been magnetized in his absence, however, because he was clinging to me in church. I felt bad, I didn't get to sit with him this morning, and that was what he seemed to really want. I had pre-service music with Robbie, and then the choir sang at the beginning of service. Rather than stir everything up, I decided to leave things "be", and sat in the back with the other choir members after we sang. I knew I'd be going back for post-service music, and didn't want too much disruption. Daniel kept looking back at me, and began rubbing his eyes, and stood there, quietly crying. Grandma just put her hand on his shoulder, and continued to turn him back around. My heart ached for that little boy, and I just wanted to wave to him, "come on back". I knew if I'd tried, Grandma wouldn't have seen my gesture, and he would have ended up in trouble with her. We had a nice reunion after service, with lots of hugs and kisses.

We got home, had lunch and it was time for a nap. Uh oh! The "blankie" was at Grandma's house! Oh no! The tears! "I want my blankie." I promised to go out later, and get it and bring it back home. Grandma called shortly after this realization, and my first words were.. you have the blanket! Oh No! she said, "I'm so sorry!" He woke up, and we brought his suticase out into the livingroom, and got him dressed. His blankie was left on the bed." Grandma realized too, the seriousness of this oversight, and it had to be remedied! I offered a subsitute blanket in it's place for naptime, but it didn't have stars! His blankie has stars! I headed out for 'errands' once he finally settled down, and Grandma's house was one of my many stops. The first stop, was at Publix. I had to order his birthday cake for next Sunday afternoon. I've been hearing the request for a Spiderman birthday cake since Hanna's birthday in May! Okay, Daniel, Spiderman is on order! I also order 2 dozen cupcakes to be picked up the following Monday evening, to take to school on his actual birthday, Tuesday the 16th. I went into the Dollar Store, and found some fun little items for stockings on Christmas Eve. Then, off to Grandma's before heading to Toys R Us. I'd seen an ad on television they were having "the best sale of the season" today and tomorrow, so wanted to see what I could acheive towards my Christmas shopping. Picked up the blankie, and Grandma walked me to the truck. She said, "gee, I wish I could go, but I'm working on Christmas cards. Ya know, they can wait! I'll get my purse, if you don't mind, and tag along!" I'm not real sure, but I suspect I spent more than I would have having Grandma along, but we did get some pretty neat things for Christmas. I stayed below my budget, and managed to get a birthday present (a promised racecar track, shh!) and lots of Christmas gifts for both. It was pretty funny making our way across the parking lot with all of the motion sensored toys in the cart. The bags were flashing, and roaring, and yelling something at us! Guess they'll have to wait til Christmas Eve to go under the tree, or the secret will be out. I was originally going to get a HotWheels racetrack, like the many I'd seen advertised, but Grandma insisted on the Shake 'Em Riders, and track. I think in the end, they'll be much more sturdy, and stand a better chance against a four year old! We picked out an additional shake em Batman car for Christmas. For those not knowing what a "shake em rider" is, it's a car that is operated on shaking. You shake it with all your might, set it down, and let it go! Pretty cool, and saves a fortune on batteries. We already have a Lightning McQueen car from last year. Those contributed to some of the noise, as well as the Shake Em Rider flyer, which was a really cool plane, that you shake the "gun", and then when you push the trigger, it launches a plane, and swooshes and roars. Very Cool! We were deliberating over two toys.. a Planet Hero Turbo Shuttle, or Moon Buggy, and when we pushed the trigger on the shuttle, flames shot out the back, and spun around with lights and sound. We both said in unison.. WOW! That was a done deal! It wasn't real flames, but cloth and had a yellow and orange flashing light. It was cool! I was going to get Hanna an inexpensive "umbrella stroller" for her baby doll, but Grandma talked me into the Graco set with the stroller and car seat, and comes with another baby doll! As long as that baby doesn't "upstage' the Bitty Baby Santa left last Christmas that's okay. I try to keep a continual emphasis on that doll, since she was more than I would usually spend on a baby doll. She's an American Girl doll, and anyone that knows anything about that, knows they're not cheap! Santa was feeling generous last year.

When I finally got home, the kids said.. what'd you buy! Where's the stuff? Hmm... worked out well, stopping by Grandma's.. guess where all the loot is being stored until I take Thursday off, to go over and get it while they're in school! I'll just bring it home, and take it out to the "shed" (my old office out in the backyard) and cover it with a blanket. The kids are not allowed in the shed, and that's one rule they actually abide by. The secret should be well kept out there. Dinner was a quick, Tyson chicken tenders and french fries, and Daniel was reunited with his blankie!

Thank goodness the weekend has come to an end, and Hanna's restriction from yesterday's theft has expired! We are now anxiously awaiting our very busy schedule for next weekend. Saturday we have Christmas for Kids at the church until noon, then we'll head downtown for The Nutcracker. Sunday, after church, we've got the much awaited Birthday party for Daniel, and I'm hoping all of our family that we've invited can make it. We've kept the list "short" this year, and only invited family. It's a tough time of year to get others to commit to time away from it all, people in town, Christmas parties to attend, Christmas shopping that's got to be done... Daniel's birthday...

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