Friday, December 26, 2008

The insanity of it all has finally calmed down...

The house has finally calmed down from all the insanity. The kids are in bed, and John is fast asleep in the recliner in the living room. John and I made it home from church around midnight, and sat and talked with our babysitter for a while when on our return. She was unusually talkative, but she had also commented on how Hanna certainly has a lot to say when she got up after we left for church. I think "it" must have rubbed off on Morganne, getting too close to Hanna.

John and I took care of all the assembly on the toys Santa had left for the kids. The basketball hoop and the stroller were really all that needed actual assembly, everything else just needed to be taken out of the boxes. I find it interesting how growing up, when he came to my house, Santa left gifts out under the tree, when he went to John's house, he wrapped everything, unless it was very large. Weird that he did things differently at different houses, isn't it? I finally made it into bed around 2:30am, but John had some wrapping to do. I thought it was pretty funny that he wrapped the 15 inch cast iron skillet, that didn't come in a box.. it was so obvious! He also wrapped my very lovely quilted purse, and.. an "ad lib" gift, he found a "Texas Two-Step" nutcracker, and Daniel picked out a Santa mug for me as well. He completed his wrapping and made it to bed sometime around 3 am. About 3:45, I finally had to go out to the couch, as John's snoring was making me crazy. It was exceptionally loud, and I couldn't rest with all that racket! A few minutes after 5am on CHRISTmas morning, Hanna came bursting through the living room like a deer prancing through a field... "Mommy, Daddy, Santa came! Santa came and filled our stockings and left presents under the tree!" Of course, this being bellowed through the hallways like a song. I sat up quickly on the couch, followed her into our bedroom, and convinced her it was still "middle of the night", and too early to get up just yet. At this time, I returned to our bed, and managed to get about 20 more minutes of sleep, before sensing Hanna standing beside me, just staring at me. "What now, Hanna?" "Is it time to open presents yet?" As tired and frustrated as I was, I also reflected how her pleas sounded so much like many of my childhood CHRISTmas mornings. "It's still too early. We have to wait awhile Hanna, Grandma will be here at 7 o'clock, to watch you and Daniel open presents. We have to go back to sleep." I think she only returned one more time, and the final time after that, it was 5 minutes to 7:00, and I said... "Ok, Grandma's probably going to be here any minute." I think they (Grandma and Uncle Mike) must have been waiting in the driveway, because it seemed that as soon as Hanna turned on the living room light, I heard a tapping on the side-light window, at the front door. As I was brushing my teeth, and trying painfully to get my contacts back into my very tired, dry eyes, Hanna kept bouncing into our bathroom, to inform me what Santa had delivered. "Really", I'd say, "and it does what? Wow, how exciting!" Grandma brought sausage bread and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and I started the coffee pot, and fed the dog, and the kids were happy to investigate the contents of their stockings. I was amazed at the obvious differences between my children, as they continued to open presents. At one point, Hanna seemed almost as if she were about to hyperventilate. Quickly opening a gift, tossing it aside, and frantically looking around for the next gift. Daniel sat quietly with each gift, and admired it's wrapping, and the box that it came in... and at one point, we had to hurry him a long a little.

When we were finally finished with all of the gift opening, the house was a mess, and the kids were bouncing off the walls. Grandma asked if we were going to go to church, and John and I both answered that we were pretty tired, and we thought we'd lay low this morning, and join them at her house for lunch. Well, Grandma wasn't happy with us one bit. Uncle Mike reminded John, who still has no clue as to when he volunteered, but, Mike reminded him he'd agreed to usher for Christmas morning service. Well, that settled that, and Grandma seemed quite pleased. We made to church a little early, and when we arrived, the only other people there at the time, were our friends Jayne, and her son Brett. Hanna showed off her baby carrier, and the dress Grandma made for her Bitty Baby, to match Hanna's dress. Daniel was happy to bring his slinky (now lost) with him to church. Brett showed us the bionicle he got for Christmas, and Jayne said she was up until midnight, putting it together with him.

After church, the kids went home with Grandma, and John and I returned to our home for him to change, and we put the dog up for the afternoon. She'd been in the backyard when we left for church, but it was now getting close to 80 degrees, and she would rather be inside in the a/c. To be honest, I was dreading lunch at Grandma's, as she'd invited a few elderly people from Moosehaven to join us. In the end, the lady that did join us, was a very pleasant lady. She had a lot to say, but most elder people usually seem more than thrilled to see younger people, and her family lives out of state. When I arrived, I introduced myself to her, and right away she said, "Oh, you must be the one that knows everything about computers and cameras!" She'd gotten a new digital camera from her son for Christmas and needed some help getting it set up. No problem! Of course, I also got to view the 100 photos her daughter had loaded onto her new digital picture frame. Again, I realize older people enjoy the company of young people, and she was a very pleasant lady. I was somewhat frustrated at the start of lunch, when Hanna continued to chant at the table that "broccoli makes you toot!" Grandma was far from amused, let me just say that! John made himself scarce, and left me to be the entertainment for his mother's guest the majority of the afternoon. The kids were finally off to bed for the evening around 8:30 on Christmas night. I fell asleep on the couch shortly there after, and yet.. as tired as I was, I ended up sitting at this computer at 10:30 at night!

My sister and her family came over this afternoon, and we made terriyaki chicken on the grill, and I used the side burner and my new to me wok, and cooked stir fry vegetables. We had more gift exchange, and a lot of chaos, as the kids were wound up on candy and excitement.

So, on the inventory now... Hanna got a Barbie "styling head" doll, a Grayco stroller and baby carrier with doll, Camp Rock dvd, Bratz doll, Beach Barbie, Barbie Mariposa.. and so many others. Daniel received a basketball hoop, hot wheels car crusher, Space Heroes turbo shuttle, a Shake Em Flyer, Shake Em Batman car, space guns, a Bass Pro Shop boat, to hook up to the Bass Pro Humvee he got for his birthday, an incredible hulk, with light up chest, and matching underoos, Speed Racer underwear, they will share the Hungry Hippos game and Don't Break the Ice, and each got a few games, as well as color books, and so many other things. John and I played Hungry Hippos with the kids last night, and it was fun. All four of us laying on the floor, playing a kids game. Daniel couldn't play much, as he was rolling on the floor with laughter, from the games silliness.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and John doesn't have plans to go work at our friends' house. He says he is finished except for a few hours work, once the pump to the well is delivered. Wow! He's been working on that for about a year! Merry Christmas to me and Laurie! We'll have the opportunity to enjoy each others company! John said he and Daniel will go get a haircut tomorrow! A little overdue, but I won't complain! I hope we can get legs on our "chuck box", for our upcoming camping trip next week! John said, he would like to go up to the hospital during the "bowl game", which ever game it is, that the Seminoles will be playing in, and visit with our friend Gordon. Gordy is an older gentleman, who has been a friend of John's family for well over 30 years! Gordy is John's youngest sister's godfather! He fell a few days ago at home, tripping over a vacuum, and broke his hip. He had surgery on Christmas Eve, and is on a slow road to recovery. He was vacuuming to ready his house for a "bowl party" tomorrow, to which we were invited. John's not one to really show signs of concern, but he seems truly bothered that Gordy is in the hospital this time. I think it would ease John a bit, to go and visit him, and of course, as John said.. wear his best "Gator" hat to visit! Although, it's not like John would be wearing any other kind of hat!

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