Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2nd times a charm???

I guess I spoke too soon when I said Daniel's arm was not broken. This morning, I was in the middle of a training session when the preschool called letting me know Daniel had fallen on his arm and seemed to be hurting a lot! I asked if I needed to come immediately, or if they wanted to see if he got better with ice. I explained I was in the middle of a training session, and had about 45 minutes to go, and the director said she'd ice his arm, and I could call back when I was finished. I called at noon, and she told me he did not eat lunch, and he was sitting,reading a book, but rather pale. When he tried to cut out his shamrock he couldn't hold the scissors without crying.

At this point, I figured if it wasn't broken yesterday, it was most likely broken today. I went and picked him up, and took him straight to the ER. Our doctor's office closes from noon to 2pm, and I didn't want to play the same game today that we just played yesterday (an office visit, sent to xrays, then wait for results). If it was in fact broken, then we'd be sent to the ER anyway.

We walked through the "proper" ER, and found the guy at admin, and asked if we could go through Express Care. He said we could so we took the quicker route. Let's face it, ER is for people really sick and hurt.. we wanted the clinic side. It was a good choice. We were in and out in two and a half hours! Not bad! The doctor checked out Daniel's arm, and didn't think it was broken, but said he'd take four xrays just to be sure. He returned after awhile, and said with a surprised look on his face, "He's got a fracture." A nurse put on a fiberglass splint and wrapped it up good, and they gave us instructions until we get into Nemours on Monday for the permanent cast. Apparently it's protocol to wait 4-7 days for swelling to go down before putting on the "real" cast. John gets the privilege of taking him Monday morning to Nemours, since he switched his days off this week from Friday to Monday! Lucky him! I've done my time two days in a row!

We found out this evening the bags the newspapers are delivered in fit nicely over his arm, held in place by a ponytail holder!


Kim Lahaie Day said...

Oh, that poor child and his poor mama! I am asking the same question that Tarren did---was it broken already yesterday and they didn't see it or was this just enough to push it over the edge? I am so sorry!!!!



Suzanne Chappell said...

It was not broken yesterday. The doctor showed me the xray on a huge screen today. Digital xrays.. he blew it up on a 27 inch monitor! He put yesterday's view on one screen, and today's on the other. Today's xray clearly shows the break, yesterday there wasn't even a shadow. I can't help but think, since it was sore, it may have been weakened yesterday; a stress that just didn't show up?? Falling on it today was highly coincidental, and absolutely going to break it. There was no doubt in my mind when they said he fell on it, that it would be broken.

Now I'm in that "should I have kept him home?" mode, but you just can't play the "what if" game, can you?

Jenny said...

Love the picture:)