Monday, March 9, 2009

Some things are funny, some things just aren't...

I'll start with the funny! Last night, after putting the kids to bed, I realized I had not checked myself for ticks, as we always perform this routine when we return from camping. We found one on Daniel's leg Saturday night at the campground during his bath. Ask him about it, he'll be sure to tell you all about how Mommy pulled it off of him and squished it, then pushed it down the drain in the shower. I suspected I would find at least one tick on myself, as yesterday morning, I stopped two very large ones on their way up my legs! Eww! They remind me of a spider with revenge in mind! As I undressed for my shower, I found a little one. He'd attached himself to my waste just slightly towards my back, yet still on my side. You know, that spot that's really hard to get at for a moment, let alone an extended period of time. I tried to get him, but soon went into a muscle spasm. Okay, I had to put my pants back on and head out to the living room to ask for assistance from John. I fully realize how badly he needs new glasses at this point! He lost them last year, I believe down an elevator shaft?? Anway, I handed him the tweezers, and he found the tick. "Is this him or you?" he said, as he was pulling at my skin. I said.. "That's me! Grab the tick please!" This continued, I tried to assist, he swatted my hand, and finally I walked away and said "You're useless!" I went to the bathroom with the tweezers in hand and was determined to get that sucker, and finally I did! Squished him, and down the drain he went! Thankfully, he was the only one! I've left John to inspect himself, although I'm wondering if he'll be able to see them if he has any hitch-hikers!

This morning, I realized how very fortunate I am to have the family that I have. I was speaking to a teacher at Daniel's school who was telling me she'd be out this week because she and her husband have to go out of state to pick up his children. He has not seen his children in 10 years because his ex-wife ran off with them. The children have since been put in foster care, and are now looking to be put into a permanent home. I'm not sure exactly how these children have been in foster care off and on, and this is the first the father is finally hearing about his children, but they desperately need him now. This teacher is facing a personal challenge, bringing step children into her home that are aged 12 & 13 years old, and considered "special needs" children. These children do not know their father, and certainly do not know their step mother. She will be bringing these children into her home, to adapt to life with her children. I do not envy this woman's challenges ahead of her, and I pray that God will guide her to do the right thing, and support these children in the best way that she can. I wanted to cry for her, and tell her to be strong, and that God will guide her! I am so thankful for the life that I live! It makes me realize that what I consider to be major obstacles in my life, are not that big in the broad spectrum of life!


Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne:

Let's start with funny---and there are many! Ticks, glasses falling down an elevator shaft, "is this you or him?"....oh, my goodness. Now I remember why I do not go camping--outside!

The other news, not funny: absolutely the teacher must open her home and her heart to her hubby's kids. We can only imagine what they went through already and the daddy, too, to not have his kids. We are not trained for this, it will be a seat of their pants situation for sure. Prayers go with them!



Kim Lahaie Day said...

P.S. We do have a good and gracious God who has given us our families and friends!!!