Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A quick but HUGE thanks to Jenny!

I have to take the time before going to bed, to thank my very dear friend and neighbor Jenny! Thank you, Jenny! Thank you for picking up Hanna for me today, when I spent my afternoon at the ER with Daniel.

She told me a funny story on the way home over the phone. I had called the school before going to pick up Daniel, and this time I spoke to the office assistant, instead of the secretary, and our friend Leanne. I didn't know this girl, Teresa. I knew without a doubt, Leanne would get the message to Hanna, but Teresa? I hope so! Leanne is our friend Hughey's wife. I left message for Hanna's teacher to please let her know Miss Jenny would be taking her home. Jenny pulled up in parent pick up, and called to her son. She motioned to Hanna to get in the car. Hanna stood there, insisting, "I'm not going home with you today." Well, of course this caused a slight alarm with the teacher's overseeing the parent pickup. Should we send her with this lady, or not?? It makes me laugh to think about it as I type it! Jenny explained to the teacher, Hanna's mother called up at the school and left a message that I'd be picking her up. Her brother is in the Emergency Room! Hanna finally got in the car. Jenny asked, "Did you get the message that I'd picking you up?" Hanna said, "Oh yeah, but I forgot!" Hanna!

If only Jenny would actually eat all that chocolate in her pantry, I could show my appreciation to her and buy her some more... apparently a woman can have too much chocolate! Hmm... weird! I think she's also a fan of Mike's Hard Lemonade... right?? I'll make it up to her! I owe her big!

If one's life can be measure in the friends they can count on, I'd say I have a very good life! Ya know, she hardly ever asks favors of me! I have a great friend!


Jenny said...

Your Welcome. I am saving up for a big favor I just have not thought of it yet..ahahaha You have done the same for me when Brad went to the emergency room...

Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne!

We are nothing without our friends, and the people we can count on!!! Thanks, Jenny, for helping out Suzanne and family!

"I forgot".....don't you love it???

I have a few bottle of the said lemonade in my fridge, if you want to give some to Jenny....



Jenny said...

Go check out my blog, I left you something;)