Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The ticks seem to be abundant!

It amazes me that the child (Hanna) that can attract a mosquito from miles away, has gone without being affected by the ticks that have plagued the rest of our family from our weekend's adventures. Not sure what it is about her, but she seems to miss the ticks everytime! John took his shower last night, and found he too had been attacked by the little creatures! He had two on his waste, and one that I'm not allowed to mention. Let's just say, as I removed it, I nearly had tears running down my leg! Don't you dare tell him I told! I could have really gotten back at him for pinching me with those tweezers trying to get my tick! Too funny! My Aunt Virginia had just told us a similar story about a boy who needed his father's help removing a tick that had attached itself to his delicate region. It was a good laugh at John's expense. Since we seem to all be literally crawling with ticks, I called the vet's office this morning to see what I could use on the dog to kill any that might be on her, since I'll never find little ticks on a big black dog! They sold me a bottle of Frontline spray.

Last night on Facebook, one of Hanna's friend's mother who is one of my FB friends, wrote on my wall "Caroline said Hanna got bit by an alligator. There must be a good story there." That made me laugh! Hanna's stories really seem to grow. I asked her this morning, "Did you tell Caroline the alligator bit you?" She just grinned, and said, "I did!" I explained that even in good fun, it's a lie, and she shouldn't tell such stories. A few years ago, Hanna had a friend at our church's preschool named Anna. They were such good friends, and were only 3 days apart in age. Anna's mother approached me in the fellowship hall one Sunday and asked me if John was okay. I told her he was perfectly fine, and wondered what sparked the inquiry. Apparently, Anna had come home and at the dinner table told her parents that Hanna's Daddy got his head chopped off! I knew immediately where that came from, and it took me a few minutes to recover from laughter to tell her the story. The previous weekend, we had a snake in the back yard, that the dog had caught and so graciously brought to me and dropped it curled up on my feet. As it unraveled, I yelled for John to come out and get the thing! He came out, chased it down, and chopped the snake's head off with the shovel! I guess the story that Anna conveyed was that John cut his head off... short for... John cut the snakes head off. I thanked my friend Donna for the concern for John's well-being. Which, by the way, anyone that remembers Donna, she is expecting TWINS!


Kim Lahaie Day said...

Oh, Suzanne!!!!

Twins!!!! How wonderful! I knew there was a question as to whether there would be more children in their household so I am absolutely delighted for Donna and Derek!!!!! Wow!!!!

That is twice today that you made me laugh right out loud with your blog---thanks, I needed that! How, oh how, can I not ask John about the ticks????? I promise not to mention it. Why can't you guys use the Frontline and avoid this whole tweezer routine? And then John having his head cut-off, "Is he okay?"....how can you be okay after having your head cut-off? " 'tis merely a flesh wound..."

You are great!



Jenny said...

ahahaha. That was too funny.

Tarren Prange said...

You guys have quite the exposure to nature! Ticks, alligators, snakes, worms....not my cup of tea! But, I'm glad you guys enjoy your camping trips. I'm sure you have a lot of good, quality family time :)

Miss you!