Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I just wanna know why??

Why is it, men can be rude and it's acceptable? A man can scratch himself in public, and nobody points, OMG! Did you see what he did? He can adjust himself, he can belch, he can pass gas, it's all no big deal, but let a woman do it, and "Shut Up! She did not!" John was not able to make it to church with the kids and I, since he didn't get home utnil 6:30, so I filled him in on all my happenings when I got home. I was telling him about some funny little happening before or after church.. a small disagreement, that I commented to my friend Kim, Are we going to argue about "this"? She smiled, and nodded. Yup! I was telling John about someone in my day, that has a very strong body odor, and all my efforts to get away from them. He said, "Now see, that's where women got it all wrong! If it were me, I'd say, Buddy you stink!" I guess that's where Daniel gets it from.. his testosterone genes!

Why is it acceptable for men to be this way? Should we maybe take note of how they do these things? Should we be able to say, "honey, you smell bad!"?? I just wanna know why...

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Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Suzanne!

Once more, I laugh right out loud! No abbreviations from me, I spell it out--laughing out loud!!!

Can you just picture going up to someone and saying "you stink"?? Especially in our circle....No wonder men do not often have "good friends"---they insult them!!!

Chuckling yet,